Life at Fleet Feet

At Fleet Feet we believe in the power that running has to help us become better versions of ourselves: Better friends, better neighbors, better citizens. To bring us together, to build bridges and strengthen communities. To try something we've never tried before; to make a difference. We believe that running has the power to change everything, and at Fleet Feet we work hard every day to bring this vision to life.

Fleet Feet was founded by two women in 1976. Sally Edwards and Elizabeth Jansen were two true pioneers who built the foundation for what is now a quest to become a one hundred year brand. Today, Fleet Feet has over 250 communities around the country, and counting. We're a company that prides itself on creating an amazing environment using employee, customer and community experiences.

Whether that's cheering on a first-time 5K finisher, hosting a community night with the local cross country team or finding the perfect pair of shoes for their achy feet, there's opportunity at Fleet Feet for those who believe in the privilege of serving and the power of running.

On a blue background: Our Core Values

How We Live Our Core Values at Fleet Feet

Charissa Strickland smiles in front of a floral mural painted on brick

Put People First

Charissa Strickland

"This really embodies what Fleet Feet represents to me. Whether it's helping a customer find the right shoes and gear for the race they are training for or helping them cross that race finish line safely and successfully through one of our training programs, our goal at Fleet Feet is to put our people first. Fleet Feet changes lives in every action we do!”

Aubrey Curl

Do the Right Thing

Aubrey Curl

"Do the Right Thing is one of Fleet Feet's core values that I try to bring to life every day in my community. Whether we're partnering with a local non-profit to raise money or awareness for a local cause, building a community that people feel safe and welcome in, or providing top tier service to each customer that comes through the door, this is a value that drives a lot of what we do at Fleet Feet."

Andrew Ciaccia smiles in front of the shoe wall at his Fleet Feet store

It's a Privilege to Serve

Andrew Ciaccia

“Fleet Feet’s core value, 'It's a Privilege to Serve,' serves as a constant reminder for me that my work is not just a job, but a chance to make a difference in the lives of our customers and community. For me, it's a privilege to serve and to help others achieve their goals and dreams."

Wisam Ali

Engage and Empower Our Community

Wisam Ali

"Engage and Empower Our Community is one of Fleet Feet's core values that I try to really live as much as possible. I have volunteered with Meals on Wheels this year and fell in love with the route I was given. The people I met have great stories to tell and are always so happy and kind. Also, my mum, sister and I have started collecting and purchasing items for donations for Christmas where we go to local underprivileged communities and deliver gift bags of goodies to everyone. This year, I've reached out to our Fleet Feet staff to help with any donations they could provide. My mum even dresses up as Santa to add extra fun for everyone."

A headshot of Victoria Patterson wearing a white top

Create Value with Every Action

Victoria Patterson

"Create Value with Every Action is one of Fleet Feet's core values that I try to bring to life everyday, not only at work, but also in my personal life. Each moment and every action in every day has the ability to shift perspective, make a difference and take you to a new level that you never thought possible. This is what I believe we do each day at Fleet Feet. We encourage each other and our customers to reach goals they never thought possible— one action at a time."

Jahdai Bolds smiles in front of a shoe wall at his Fleet Feet store

Lead and Influence in all We Do

Jahdai Bolds

"I have been blessed to have worked under really amazing leaders so far at Fleet Feet. They have shown me the power of great leadership and how that can change one's view of work. It has been a goal of mine to embody the core value of Lead and Influence in all we do so I can give back to my team and community, like my leaders have given to me."

A headshot of Heather Fencik smiling in front of a brick wall

Be Present in Every Moment

Heather Fencik

“One of the things I love most about running is that whether I am running alone or with friends, I can shut out distractions and be mindful of what I am doing in that very moment. Working at Fleet Feet affords me the opportunity to have the same experience at work. It’s a joy to have a career where I can be present in every moment and immerse myself in an environment that combines my passion for running with my professional skill set.”

A headshot of Victor Ornelas in front of a white background

Work, Sweat and Live Passionately

Victor Ornelas

"In my 14-year career at Fleet Feet I've seen and see this core value in action consistently. Personally, running changed my life and having peers that I can lace up my running shoes with before work, during lunch, or after work and connect both on a personal and professional level is powerful. You build a working relationship and the ideas or concepts that are sparked on that run add value to your work and oftentimes hard to imagine they could have come up in a confined office space and ONLY on that run. Running is one example of an activity yet you don't have to be a runner and we celebrate all passions that enable the environment to Work, Sweat, and Live Passionately."

Ari Perez

Run Together

Ari Perez

"Run Together" is put into practice every day, as it exemplifies a healthy disposition in our approach to the duties asked of each one of us. The growth opportunities, challenges, wins, losses and everything in between can all be leveraged in our collective favor, so long as our team is strongly tethered and moving together towards our common goals.

DEI at Fleet Feet

Fleet Feet believes in the power of running and grassroots outreach to make positive and lasting change. Our business efforts are grounded in this premise in order to make good on our brand vision of inspiring the runner in everyone.

Fleet Feet has the responsibility to bring our brand vision to life so that “everyone” truly means everyone. We have created two key pillars of action and accountability to focus our efforts, focused on people and partnerships.

Do The Run Thing

Local communities are at the heart of Fleet Feet and everything we work to achieve. Whether it’s hosting group runs, fundraising for local charities and organizations, or forming national partnerships, Fleet Feet believes we make the world better by building and supporting strong running communities. We continue to build on the good work that happens at our 250 locally owned and operated locations every day, through our charitable arm, Do the Run Thing.

The mission of Do the Run Thing is to create and nurture sustainable running communities that improve the health and happiness of the overall community. Learn more about our key areas of focus at the link below.