Vince Long

"After a medical scare finally got me to start taking care of myself, running became my outlet of choice. My running was nothing more than a way to drop weight in the beginning, but it quickly evolved into something that I needed and wanted to do almost daily. Yes, the fear of a serious health issue was what initially got me off the couch, but the curiosity to see what my body can do fuels my drive to run farther. Running has helped improve my life both physically and mentally, as you will only get out what you put in on a consistent basis. I wish I had started with this sport at a much younger age, but I am still excited to see what I can do from this point on. A comfortable, light, and cushioned shoe is important to push my limits, and HOKA provides exactly that. The Fleet Feet Memphis store is a place where I can be surrounded by like-minded individuals and working there has helped provide me with the support and culture to improve in the endurance world." – HOKA ONE ONE fan Vince Long from Fleet Feet Memphis, TN #humansofHOKA

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