Travis Myers-Arrigoni

“When I ran my third Pittsburgh Marathon this past year, I was coming off a season where I struggled with my mental health. I went into the race not knowing what kind of shape I was in or even why I was running competitively anymore. Through much contemplation, I decided I was going to persevere through the struggles of my mental health. I wanted to prove to myself that even though I am struggling, I am not going to let my illness define me. By running to defeat the stigma, I was able to live in the moment during that race more than I had been able to in a while. I felt the overwhelming support from the crowd, and I couldn't help but high five strangers and get super excited. As I ran down the final stretch, I was moved to tears as I finally felt contentment in my heart. In addition to running a ten-minute personal best that day, I learned that running is a gift that has the power to bring us all together through the shared feeling that we are all more capable than what society or our own minds tell us we are.” - HOKA fan Travis Myers-Arrigoni from Fleet Feet Pittsburgh, PA #humansofHOKA

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