Stephen Webber

“I was born with a few malformed bones in my left foot. Over the course of my childhood, those bones started to breakdown and eventually it was too painful to walk. A team of specialists performed a pretty radical bone implant surgery, essentially building me a new foot. It was very painful and I was in a wheelchair for just shy of three years and almost another after re-learning how to walk.

The very first day out of the wheelchair, I wobbled to our mailbox and back. The next day it was to the neighbors’ house and back. It went on like that until it was time to sustain a whole mile without stopping. It was hard — I thought my heart was coming through my throat. My entire leg was on fire, and I was very close to passing out. But I made it! Something in that tiny but epic run sparked a passion for running that will never die.” - HOKA fan Stephen Webber from Fleet Feet Fresno, CA #humansofHOKA

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