Shawn Livingston

"After leaving the US Army I had lost my way in life. Diagnosed with PTSD, I suffered from severe depression, anxiety and panic disorder, nightmares and sleep problems. I had become addicted to opiates following an injury that occurred while training to deploy to Iraq. I wasn’t in a good place mentally or physically. After getting mental health and substance abuse treatment I set my sights on getting back to the healthy athlete I once was. I began by running just a few miles a couple times a week. As I ran, I was depressed less and less. I wasn’t as anxious. I could sleep like a baby and my nightmares were few and far between. Running became a medicine that did for me what no pill had ever been able to do. Early in my running, I fell in with the amazing trail running community. I fell in love with running trails and found the positive community and comrade I missed so dearly. Within my first year of running I began competing in ultra-marathons. And at the 18-month mark, I ran my first 100-miler at Pinhoti. I learned that I perform and feel my best when running in HOKAs. No running shoe has held up to the mileage that I’ve accumulated as my HOKAs have. They are my go-to running shoe." - HOKA Fan Shawn Livingston from Fleet Feet Austin, TX #humansofHOKA

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