Mark Durno

“In 2000, I was at the grocery store when my head started spinning. I went to the hospital, but everything came back normal. After talking with the medical staff, it was clear that my problem was related to ‘burning the candle at both ends.’ I had been working long hours and living it up on the weekends. The next morning, I left my house and ran for two miles. I was instantly hooked on the therapeutic effects of running. At 49 years old, I’m still running today and have completed several marathons, countless half marathons, triathlons and nine full IRONMAN® races. Running hasn’t changed my life, but it has significantly enhanced my life. Since I took that first two-mile run in 2000, I sleep better, feel better and live better. When stressful things happen at work or at home, I find myself able to calmly manage them. I truly can’t imagine my lifestyle without running.” - HOKA fan Mark Durno from Fleet Feet Cleveland - Westlake, OH #humansofHOKA

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