Liam Murphy

“For most of my life, my weight has been up and down. In 2012, I realized I was getting close to 60 and wanted to lose 60 pounds. My wife and I love to travel but we’ve always limited our travels to avoid extensive physical activities. For the first time in my life, I decided to exercise. I joined a Fleet Feet program for beginner runners to train for a 5K. I finished that 5K and met my 60-pound weight loss goal, then reset my goal for 100 pounds. I ran a 10K, then a half marathon. By the end of 2013, I had lost over 100 pounds. Then I set a new goal. I wanted to run the Vermont City Marathon, seven days after my 60th birthday. I ran and completed the marathon, but I thought I was one and done. A few weeks later, I was reading about running a marathon on every continent. I knew that this was my next challenge, and my reward would be to visit other countries. I wanted to be healthy to travel, and this would be my incentive. So far, I’ve run in Ireland, Argentina, South Africa and the Andes. This year, I will be running the Kanazawa Marathon in Japan. Next year, I’ll run the Auckland Marathon in New Zealand, and in 2020 I’ll run the Antarctica Marathon.” - HOKA fan Liam Murphy from Fleet Feet Plattsburgh, VT #humansofHOKA

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