John and Kathryn Harris

“I’ve been a runner and triathlete my whole adult life. In 2015, I had a near death medical episode. I came home in a wheelchair, unable to stand without help and permanently blind. Learning to live blind, I returned to the activity that I knew best — running. My wife and guide, Kathryn, and I started running tethered together by a short rope. I love running and it provided a path that restored my physical and emotional health. A year after my loss of sight, my wife and I reconnected with our local Fleet Feet running group. In May, we did a half marathon both wearing HOKA and will do another half marathon on our 29th wedding anniversary this month. The simple pleasure of running, the pursuit of goals we set as runners and the support we find in our running community have helped us both meet some very unexpected challenges.” - HOKA fans John and Kathryn Harris from Spokane, WA #humansofHOKA

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