Jim Faggione

“In 2013, I made a decision to do something about my health. I was 347 pounds and not living a healthy lifestyle. I was pre-diabetic, had signs of sleep apnea and had very high blood pressure. I made some significant changes in my life and began this journey to get healthy. Over the past five years, I have given myself a second chance at life. Running was something I took to very quickly. I loved being able to see results as I continued to add mileage to my daily runs. Running gave me freedom and the running community has some of the most supportive and inspirational people who don't care about how fast or fit you are. The running community truly has become an extension of my family.

Running has changed everything in my life. It has given me a bright outlook on my future. It has introduced me to incredible people, allowed me to travel to beautiful locations and shown me awesome trails and roads. It's helped me to develop more confidence in myself, which in turn has given me opportunities I may never have had otherwise. Running gives me something to look forward to every day.” - HOKA fan Jim Faggione from Fleet Feet Winston-Salem, NC #humansofHOKA

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