Fernanda Jacobs

“I started running in high school because I wanted to be part of a team. Running easily became a part of my life. Our running time became my time to socialize and have fun with my friends. My cross country coach would always say that I was not running hard enough because I could talk non-stop through hill repeats, speed sessions or any type of workout. After high school, I ran a few races and ran at the gym to stay in shape. But once I became a mom, my ‘me time’ was my short runs. After my third child was born, I decided I needed more than those short runs to help me deal with the stress of being a mom of three. I decided to train for a marathon. Training for my first marathon introduced me to a community I didn’t know existed and brought back those feelings I had of running in high school. It was important to me for my kids to see their mom working hard for a goal and the best part was having my kids and husband at the finish of my first marathon cheering for me.” - HOKA fan Fernanda Jacobs from Fleet Feet Hartford, CT #humansofHOKA

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