Everardo Lomeli

“I began running cross country in junior high school. Running has always been something that makes me feel good both physically and mentally. Running allows me to challenge myself but also keeps me connected to life. Trail running is my passion. It takes me to new places and requires focus. Not all trails can be reached by car or bike, and I love the feeling of finding something new and beautiful. Every trail is different, and every run is different. I always take a break mid-run to stop, take it all in, appreciate the beauty and be thankful for another day. Fleet Feet has introduced me to people who I may not have met outside of our running community. We are truck drivers, office workers, doctors, teachers and scientists, and we all run. While we may not have much in common on the outside, we all share the love of running, and it has brought us together. Each weekend we set aside time to stop what we are doing and hit the trails.” - HOKA fan Everardo Lomeli from Fleet Feet Aptos, CA #humansofHOKA

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