Doug Gillispie

“I am a paramedic and was on a shift a few years ago when I got a call for two runners hit by a vehicle. One passed away and another had serious injuries. A few years later, they started a 5K run for this runner and I signed up. I was extremely out of shape, smoked a pack a day and had very poor eating habits, but I still wanted to run. I found a couch-to-5K app and in the beginning, I struggled. I played football in high school so I thought I should have been better. I quit smoking, ate healthier and lost weight. I fell in love with running. I was not the fastest, but I was doing it. I had found that running took my mind off my troubles at work, home and in life. I’ve since done an 8K, half marathons and a full marathon. I run to live, and I live to run.” - HOKA fan Doug Gillispie from Fleet Feet Hickory, NC #humansofHOKA

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