Dawn Nailor

“Four years ago, I made a choice to get healthy. I had friends who ran these races, and I thought they were all crazy. Then I decided to give it a try. I started running an old train track path that was made into a nature path. I began running from pole to pole, and over time, it became two poles and then the entire mile-long length of the poles. I soon caught the running bug. I enjoyed some 5Ks , 10Ks and even half marathons. I saw on Facebook a trail shoe demo hosted by Fleet Feet Rockford so my husband and I gave it a try. We met some amazing people, and I realized I had found my love for trail running. We joined a running group, and I have made some great friends from this group. My husband and I are now training for our first 50K trail race and can’t wait to conquer a 100-miler.” - HOKA fan Dawn Nailor from Fleet Feet Rockford, IL #humansofHOKA

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