David Battisti

“I have always been an active person, but since I was five, it has been contained in the form of severe chronic asthma. Every activity needed to be pre-treated with asthma medications and because of this, each athletic event I took part in was met with apprehension. After playing soccer for 14 years with a lot of asthma medication, I ran track in college and became a sprinter because this seemed to be easier on my lungs. But my inner child was yearning to spend more time outside, so I took to the trails. My asthma was pretty bad, but the enjoyment I experienced outweighed my asthma. The more I ran, the easier my asthma was to control and the better my mental health was. After consistent 40-mile weeks, I decided it was time to take this whole trail running thing seriously and will be competing in my first ultra in 2019.” - HOKA fan David Battisti from Fleet Feet Lake Oswego, OR #humansofHOKA

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