Chiquita Sheppard

“I’ve been running for as long as I can remember. After losing my grandmother, I was in a bad place. One day, I just started to run. It seemed that with every step, I felt this energy return. I found the happiness of my childhood, and I knew somehow I’d be okay. After losing a child, I was again in a dark place when I saw my neighbor run past my house. I decided I was gonna lace up my shoes. Each step was like electricity to my spirit and something reawakened inside of me. Life has plagued me with injury, illness, failures, busy schedules and every other excuse imaginable, but running has always been my constant. Each run is a new opportunity to be stronger, faster, push further or just run. When I run, I feel fierce, strong, capable, powerful and confident. This has translated into making me a better mother, wife, friend and all-around person. Running is the epitome of freedom.” - HOKA fan Chiquita Sheppard from Fleet Feet San Antonio - Quarry, TX #humansofHOKA

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