Celeste Hoffman

"I have had a few sports injuries over the years, most recently a severe back injury. I was completely sidelined from running and all other strenuous activity for several months. When I was finally able to begin jogging, and eventually running again, I found the extra cushioning in the HOKA Bondi 5s to be especially beneficial. I persevered during this return to running by setting small daily goals, weekly goals and finally monthly goals. It took almost a year but eventually I made a full recovery and feel that the HOKAs really made a difference. I always credit running as having served as my ‘gateway drug’ to bigger, more diverse and challenging events. After completing my first marathon, the Houston Tenneco Marathon, in 1996, I then went on to more challenging races of greater distances. Some of these include the MS150 170-mile bike tour, the Leadville 50-mile trail run, and eventually a 546-mile, eight day expedition race called Primal Quest. I was reluctant to try HOKAs initially because of their unusual platform soles and design, but after numerous testimonials from my friends who run hundred-milers, I was instantly converted after my first run. Now it’s my favorite shoe for just about every activity. I absolutely love the colorful designs and especially the height. From a performance perspective, I feel that HOKAs allow me to put in the mileage while keeping impact minimal on my joints. Fleet Feet in the Rice Village has been my go-to store since I began running in Houston in 1995. They assisted me with my first pair of running shoes and continue assisting me today. I especially love that they are a full-service running store offering everything from shoes to apparel to nutrition." – HOKA Fan Celeste Hoffman from Fleet Feet Houston – Woodway, TX #humansofHOKA

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