Brenna Kirkpatrick

"Like many female runners, I had adopted restrictive eating as a misguided competitive strategy, and my weight had plummeted. Despite doctors' emphases on the gravity of malnourishment for both my athletic performance and my immune system, I resisted interference with my strategy. In turn, I was diagnosed with female athlete triad, a syndrome marked by disordered eating, and pressed to withdraw from my next half-marathon. Facing mental illness has given me a unique perspective on healing, and I have learned that major health events are rarely resolved at the flip of a switch. Learning to balance running with proper nutrition and overall well-being has been a driving force in my pursuit of a career in medicine. I have become comfortable with introducing dialogues about disordered eating and other mental illnesses among my peers, and I hope to inspire a similar atmosphere of trust as a physician. My HOKA Cliftons literally carried me across the country this summer. They provided the perfect amount of cushion for the lightest weight that I could've wanted in an everyday trainer, and I have since become a fan of some of HOKA's lighter shoes, including the Cavu. Applying to Fleet Feet was one of the first things I did when I moved to Chicago. I was new in town and training for a marathon, and I knew that surrounding myself with fellow runners would be a great way for me to begin to feel at home in Chicago. Fleet Feet has not only provided me with a community but has also boosted my confidence in my ability to make informed decisions about my running." – HOKA Fan Brenna Kirkpatrick from Fleet Feet Chicago – Old Town, IL #humansofHOKA

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