The Best Gifts for Runners

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By Tom Rivett, Mandy Wahl, Evan Matsumoto Updated on

The key to being a great gift-giver is about showing the runner you love that you’ve been paying attention—that you know their taste and remember the little details like their favorite shoes, those super soft joggers they showed you or that piece of cool running tech they would never buy for themselves.

So celebrate the runner in your life with the perfect gift that matches their pace and style. Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or a special occasion, show them how much you care with a gift that will keep them moving and get their hearts racing.

We’ve researched, tested and reviewed the latest running gear (and fallen in love with some new personal favorites) to make your gift shopping fast and easy. Our team of Fleet Feet editors and gear testers rounded up our favorite running gear to help you find the perfect present for the runner or walker in your life.

Our Top Picks:

Looking for the perfect gift for a runner that's a little more specific?

We narrowed down our favorite gifts by category so whether your runner likes to crush marathons or enjoys the daily stress-relief, these gifts will make your shopping easy.

Keep reading to find more than 100+ gift ideas for women, men, marathoners, new runners, trail runners and lots more, all hand-picked by the Fleet Feet Editors.

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Something For Everyone

While every runner has their favorite shoes and clothes, there are some pieces of gear that are (almost) universally loved. These ideas are great for short runs and long runs, trails and pavement, hanging at home and making a coffee run.

Best Gifts For Runners
Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show Tab Thumbnail

Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show


There’s nothing worse than hitting the bottom of the sock drawer looking for a pair right before a run. That’s why runners are the rare few who actually love getting socks as a gift.

The Feetures Elite Max Cushion No Show socks will add an extra level of comfort to their runs. They’re breathable and made with soft, moisture-wicking fibers to keep sweaty feet at bay, while an anatomical design and targeted compression create a custom-like fit.

Best Gifts For Runners
Garmin Forerunner 265 Thumbnail

Garmin Forerunner 265


A GPS smartwatch is something almost every runner wants but few will buy for themselves. That makes the Garmin Forerunner 265 a great gift option. The Garmin Forerunner 265 has everything they need to track their runs and a brilliant AMOLED touchscreen to show it all.

This just isn’t some glorified step-counter though, the Forerunner 265 has access to multiple global navigation satellite systems to give you the most precise data from your runs, walks, bikes, triathlons, swims and more. In our Garmin Forerunner 265 review, we loved its balanced blend of advanced yet intuitive features that made tracking workouts easy. If the person you're shopping for has a smaller wrist, consider the Forerunner 265S which has a smaller watch face.

Best Gifts For Runners
goodr OG Running Sunglasses Thumbnail

goodr Running Sunglasses

Great running sunglasses don’t have to be expensive. Exhibit A: goodr sunglasses. These affordable, lightweight shades come with all the top features, like UVA/UVB protection and polarized lenses. But the temple-hugging fit and no-slip coating ensure they won’t bounce or slide as you run.
Best Gifts For Runners
Superfeet Run Dynamic Cushion Low Arch Thumbnail

Superfeet Run Dynamic Cushion Insoles

If your runner needs some extra cushioning or support, the Superfeet Run Dynamic Cushion insoles are the perfect choice. Designed to be softer and more flexible than other Superfeet insoles, the Run Dynamic provides light structure and additional impact protection compared to the stock insoles that come in shoes.
Best Gifts For Runners
Women's Vuori Performance Jogger Thumbnail

Vuori Performance Joggers


Be prepared for multiple thank you’s after you give someone a pair of these joggers. We can’t prove it, but we think these might be the most comfortable pants in the world.

They are made with Vuori’s super soft DreamKnit material and look great on most body shapes. Plus, they can be used for everything from lounging around and working from home to running errands and working out.

Best Gifts For Runners
Women's OOFOS OOcoozie Low Thumbnail

OOFOS OOcoozie Recovery Footwear


The OOFOS OOcoozie’s are comfy and cozy recovery shoes that are perfect for putting on after a run or wearing around the house all day. They have OOFOS’ patented OOFoam that absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional footwear to reduce stress on your knees and ankles.

With a warm sherpa upper these shoes are comfortable and stylish, the perfect gift for any runner or walker.

Best Gifts For Runners
Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest Thumbnail

Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam

With the shorter winter days, most runners will be doing some running in the dark. The 360-degree LED illumination makes it so that drivers can see them. This makes a great gift for anyone who likes to go for walks year-round too.
Best Gifts For Runners
Hyperice Hypervolt GO 2 Thumbnail

Hyperice Hypervolt GO 2


If you can’t decide what to get them, a percussion massager is almost guaranteed to impress. The Hypervolt GO 2 is a small but mighty massage gun that uses Percussion therapy can help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improve range of motion, promote circulation, and accelerate your warmup and recovery.

We love using this thing before workouts to loosen up or on the couch to relax at the end of a long day.

Best Gifts For Runners
FlipBelt Zipper Thumbnail

FlipBelt Zipper


Finding a way to carry your essentials on the run is always a pain point for runners. With a FlipBelt they can easily carry their gear bounce-free.

This belt goes around your hips and lets you carry your phone, keys, wallet, inhaler and other small items. It also works great for keeping valuables safe and out of sight when you’re traveling.

Best Gifts For Runners
Sprints Winter Hat Thumbnail

Sprints Hat


Sure, any hat can keep the sun and rain from getting into your eyes. But Sprints running hats bring the fun with wild and colorful designs.

Like any quality running hat, they are lightweight, moisture-wicking and have mesh vents to keep the head cool. Plus, there are plenty of fun patterns to choose from so you can buy the one that matches your runner's personality.

Best Gifts For Runners
Women's Nathan Pinnacle 12 Thumbnail

Nathan Pinnacle 12 Hydration Vest


There are no water fountains or gas stations on the trails. Therefore, most trail runners and long-distance runners need to carry their water and equipment with them. This is an amazing pack to do just that.

With specific models for men and women, the Nathan Pinnacle 12 Hydration Pack is designed for a secure, no-bounce fit for all-day adventures. If your giftee is a hiker, trail runner or even a mountain biker, this vest will be a hit.

Best Gifts For Runners
Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones Thumbnail

Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones


We have gifted so many friends and family the Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones over the years, and they never disappoint.

They sit outside your ear and use bone conduction technology to transfer the sound, making them perfect for running, walking or biking because you can hear your music as well as your surroundings. This is a fun gift to give in person too because people are always amazed at how good they sound when they try them out for the first time.

Best Gifts For Runners
Nathan Run Laces™ Thumbnail

Nathan Run Laces

Some of us don’t mind tying our shoelaces, while others would rather just go barefoot than have to lace up. Either way, these elastic shoelaces are perfect for runners, triathletes or anyone who struggles to tie their laces. With the Nathan Run Laces, they can just slip on their shoes and go.
Best Gifts For Runners
Women's CEP The Run Compression Calf Sleeve 4.0 Thumbnail

CEP The Run Compression 4.0 Calf Sleeves

Compression sleeves are like hugs for your runner’s calves. The CEP Calf Sleeves use medical-grade compression to increase blood flow and decrease fatigue and cramping, so their legs will feel fresher and stronger as they run. For runners that get shin splints and tight calves all the time, these can be a game changer.
Best Gifts For Runners
Women's rabbit High Country Long Sleeve Wool Thumbnail

rabbit High County Long Sleeve Flannel


This flannel will have them looking stylish whether they are on the trails or at the brewery. The rabbit High Country LS Wool looks like a button-up flannel but has all of the features of a high-quality running shirt—it’s breathable, moisture-wicking and dries quickly.

This is such a fan-favorite at Fleet Feet that we have to coordinate who gets to wear theirs on different days of the week.

Best Gifts For Runners
Men's Brooks Sherpa 5" 2-in-1 Shorts Thumbnail

Brooks Sherpa 2-in-1 Short

Quite possibly the best all-around men’s running short, Brooks Sherpa 2-in-1 Shorts can handle it all. They are lightweight, ultra-comfortable, have tons of pockets for storage and are available in 5” and 7” lengths.
Best Gifts For Runners
Sprints Towel Thumbnail

Sprints Towel


Sweaty runs, unexpected rain, an ill-advised stream crossing—runners will always need a towel to dry off with at the end of their workout or adventure. With many cool designs to choose from, Sprints Towels are made from microfiber performance fabric that absorbs sweat and dries quickly.

It has a built-in pocket that fits over your car seat’s headrest to keep everything clean. Plus, it can roll up to the size of a burrito, so they can take it with them anywhere.

Best Gifts For Runners
GU Energy Gel Single Thumbnail

Gu Energy Gel

It can take a while for runners to figure out what energy gels work best for them. Make your own sampler pack of GU Energy Gels as a gift and they’ll love trying out all the different flavors. Each gel pack delivers a sweet hit of carbs, electrolytes and BCAAs, which your body can absorb and use quickly for a boost of energy on the run.
Best Gifts For Runners
Balega Hidden Comfort Thumbnail

Balega Hidden Comfort

The Balega Hidden Comfort is one of our best-selling running socks year after year—and for good reason. A plush, dense knit adds another layer of cushioning, while soft, moisture-wicking fibers keep your feet dry and comfortable.
Best Gifts For Runners
New Formula! Nuun Sport Thumbnail

nuun Drink Tabs

Hydration is important for training, but it’s just as important for everyday life. Luckily, nuun crafts delicious drink mixes that give your runner all of the electrolytes without the unnecessary sugars.
Best Gifts For Runners
Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack Thumbnail

Cotopaxi Batac 24L Backpack


The runner in your life is one-of-a-kind. Now they’ll have the backpack to match.

The Cotopaxi Batac 24L isn’t just a premium all-around backpack that’s perfect for day hikes, commuting, school or traveling. It’s part of Cotopaxi’s Del Día Collection that is made with remnant materials by employees who have creative control over its final look. So from fabric to thread, each Del Día Batac 24L Pack is one of a kind.

Best Gifts For Runners
ROLL Recovery R4 Body Roller Thumbnail

ROLL Recovery R4 Body Roller

This will be a major upgrade from their typical foam roller. The ROLL Recovery R4 Body Roller is made with high-density EVA foam and is designed with a center groove to align with your spine and neck so you can roll those hard-to-reach muscles.
Best Gifts For Runners
Women's ChicknLegs 1.5" Split Shorts Thumbnail

ChicknLegs Split Shorts

No runner’s kit is complete without a pair of short shorts. Guaranteed to get a smile (or a laugh) when they unwrap this gift, ChicknLeg Split Shorts are fun and performance-ready running shorts with cool and fun designs that will liven up any pub run or race.
Best Gifts For Runners
Craft Hybrid Weather Glove Thumbnail

Craft Hybrid Weather Glove

The Swiss army knife of running gloves, Craft’s Hybrid Weather Glove has a brushed wind and waterproof cover that they can pull on or off depending on their temperature. So no more sweaty hands. Plus, they have reflective details for extra safety and are compatible with touch screens.

More Gifts for Runners by Category

We narrowed down our favorite products by category so whether your runner likes to crush marathons or enjoys the daily stress-relief, these gifts will make your shopping easy.

Shopping with a Budget in Mind?

How to Pick the Best Gift for Your Runner or Walker?

Who said runners are hard to shop for?

New runners and walkers. Trail runners and marathoners. While our preferences may slightly differ, ultimately we all want the same things:

  1. Less friction between us and lacing up our shoes,
  2. and a few simple luxuries that let us enjoy running to the fullest.

For the trail runner halfway through their ultramarathon-distance race, that could look like the simple softness of a fresh pair of socks to change into.

For the new runner looking to stay committed after logging their first few miles, gifting them a GPS running watch that helps track their progress could be a powerful gesture.

And for the marathoner-in-training, a percussion massager that relieves soreness and muscle tightness could be the perfect gift to help them recover faster and do it all again the next day.

So don’t overthink it. We’ve compiled the best running gear out there to make it easy for you to find the right gift for the person in your life who likes to run, walk, hike, exercise and more.

What About Running Shoes?

Running shoes can be difficult to buy for someone else because the best running shoes for one runner might not work for another. Every runner has their own goals and style preferences, too, which makes the choice even harder. Still want to buy them shoes? Snag a Fleet Feet gift card and 1-on-1 in-store outfitting experience so they can get the right shoes for their feet.

Best Gifts For Runners

Digital Gift Card

Any runner can always use a gift card to Fleet Feet. These can be used both online or at any of the approximately 250 Fleet Feet retail locations, where your runner can experience our Fit Process which uses 3D foot scanning technology to find the perfect shoe for them.

How We Picked the Best Gifts

With more than 45 years of experience and 250+ locations in running communities across the country, Fleet Feet is the expert in running (and gifting). What makes the perfect gift for a runner comes down to the personal experience, goals, preferences and style of that runner.

To curate this list of the best running shoes, Fleet Feet Editors and running gear experts Tom Rivett, Mandy Wahl and Evan Matsumoto, in collaboration with our Fleet Feet gear testers and contributors, tested the best running gear, considered details like real-world performance, quality of materials, seasonal trends and also looked at best-seller lists and customer reviews to pick out the best gifts.

With all that in mind, we carefully hand-picked gear that lived up to our personal (and professional) expectations. The gifts on this guide have been updated to show only the newest products available in 2024.

Standing Behind Our Picks

We picked the best gifts based on what we think will work for the most people in most situations.

If you buy a gift from us and you don’t love the way it looks, fits or performs, bring them back within 60 days for a full refund.

Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders over $99 on, and we’ll match a lower price from a qualifying retailer. That’s our Happy Fit Guarantee.