Gifts for Runners Under $50

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A runner's kit isn't complete without accessories, so we picked these running gifts under $50 to help you find the perfect gift at the perfect price.

Giving a great pair of running sunglasses will block harmful UV rays and look good doing it, and a pack of energy gels provides enough juice for the long haul. After all, it's the little things that make the holiday season special.

While there are countless great gifts for runners on the market, we compiled a list of the best running gifts under $50 to get you started. Here are some ideas for every runner in your life:

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ROLL Recovery R3

Your feet do a lot of work when you’re running. Reward them with the ROLL Recovery R3.

The R3 is a compact and clever massage roller tailored specifically for your feet. The asymmetrical shape helps target different parts of your feet—the bulb in the middle rolls the plantar fascia while the grooves on either side work the outsides of your feet.

ROLL engineered the R3 with a rigid plastic body that doesn’t bend or flex under your weight, so you can apply as much or as little pressure as you want.

One of the best features about the R3, though, is its two points of ground contact. Unlike a lacrosse or tennis ball that can roll in any direction, the R3’s ends touch the ground for more stability when you put pressure on it.

At just $30, the ROLL Recovery R3 is a powerful and versatile massage roller that will keep your feet happy when the miles are piling up.

Superfeet Dynamic Run Insoles

The stock insoles inside your running shoes don’t add much support, but sometimes a rigid aftermarket insole gives you too much. That’s where the Dynamic Run insole comes in.

Superfeet’s Dynamic Run insole strikes a balance between the two by adding light structure and cushioning without being rigid. Designers also maintained the insole’s flexibility for a more natural ride.

An energizing heel cushion disperses impact and reduces fatigue, and Moisturewick technology helps keep your shoes fresh. Superfeet says the Dynamic Run insole will last up to 12 months or 500 miles of running.

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

When you’re looking for a powerful and affordable massage, it’s hard to beat the TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller.

TriggerPoint wrapped the hollow tube in its recognizable orange foam. The multi-density foam features different surface textures to mimic the hands of a massage therapist: long, rounded tubes act like fingers; flat parts feel like palms; and a grid of nubs create finger-tip-like pressure.

The rigid, hollow core provides firm resistance that can withstand up to 500 lbs, and the 13-inch length is long enough to hit all your major muscle groups while still being easy to stash away in a closet or cabinet.

Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra 20oz

Drinking water during long runs is important. Carrying it, though, can be cumbersome. Amphipod designed the Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra to make it easier.

The Hydraform running water bottle is easy to hold during your workout thanks to a hand strap and thumb-lock sleeve design. The strap keeps the bottle in place so you don’t have to hang on like a vise grip.

Amphipod also added an expandable zipper pocket to the side of the Hydraform. The pocket is big enough to hold your keys and a few cards.

With a 20 oz capacity, the Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra is a useful and practical bottle that allows you to easily carry your water on your run.

Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX Run Chest/Waist Light

Nathan packed 250 lumens of power into a lightweight and easy-to-wear running light.

The Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX clips securely onto a strap you can wear around your chest or your waist, depending on your preference. But the clip also lets you remove the strap and put the light anywhere you want—waistband, collar, etc.

A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the Luna Fire 250 for up to 25 hours, and the controls let you switch between five different power levels and settings: low, medium, high, boost and strobe.

With a design that keeps your hands—and forehead—free, the Nathan Luna Fire 250 RX will light up the path ahead.

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