Gifts for Runners Under $100

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Finding the perfect gift while sticking to your budget can be tough, so we picked these gifts for runners under $100 to keep you on track.

Toasty winter running apparel makes cold-weather workouts more bearable, while massage tools can soothe cranky muscles after a tough day. We chose a collection of running gifts under $100 so you can get the right gifts for the right people.

Here are the best gifts for runners under $100:

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    On Performance-T

    Designers reduced the On Performance-T to its essentials so you can focus all your effort on your run.

    On cut the Performance-T from a 100 percent polyester fabric that’s lightweight and breathable. The fabric mops up sweat and air dries quickly to keep you comfortable, especially in the muggy summer months.

    The men’s Performance-T has a crew neck, while the women’s version sports a swooping neckline. But the men’s and women’s models share one of the best qualities: the edges. On finished the hems, sleeves and neck with flat, smooth edges that don’t twist, crumple or bunch up.

    With an athletic fit that’s tailored for racing, the On Performance-T is an excellent running shirt that comes in under $100.

    Aftershokz Titanium

    It’s important for runners to be able to hear their surroundings, especially when they’re running on busy streets. Enter Aftershokz.

    Aftershokz engineered the Titanium using bone-conduction technology. Instead of putting a speaker in your ear, the Titanium sits on your cheekbone where it delivers mini vibrations that transmit sound directly to your inner ear.

    The result is clear music or podcasts without drowning out ambient noise. Since your ears aren’t covered, you can still hear passing cars, cyclists or other runners.

    With an IP55 waterproof rating and Bluetooth connectivity, the wireless Aftershokz Titanium headphones are a convenient and safe way to stay entertained during your workout.

    Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest

    Being seen is especially important on short winter days when the sun sets early. So Amphipod engineered the Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest to make you impossible to miss.

    The lightweight and powerful Xinglet Optic Beam wraps you in light from an LED tube. The Xinglet zips on like a normal vest, and it weighs less than 3 oz. Amphipod also created the Xinglet with adjustable features to help you find a snug fit that won’t distract from your run.

    Designers included an easy on-off button that cycles between solid and flashing, while reflective front and back panels add another layer of visibility. When you’re running before the sun rises or after it’s gone down, the Xinglet Optic Beam vest will help you stand out.

    Rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve

    For comfort and performance, the Rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve is unbeatable.

    Rabbit cut the EZ Tee from its buttery polyester-spandex blend fabric so it’s soft against your skin. The fabric also drapes softly over your body, wicks sweat away from your skin and dries in a snap.

    The tailored fit balances perfectly between boxy and skin-tight, which provides a comfortable fit for running (and lounging), and designers gave it long sleeves for warmth in cooler temps. Rabbit also makes the EZ Tee in a short sleeve version for when the mercury climbs.

    When you need an easy-wearing, high-performing running shirt that won’t break the bank, the Rabbit EZ Tee Long Sleeve is up for the challenge.

    Mizuno Breath Thermo Tights

    Warmth without weight is ideal for running in the cold, so Mizuno designed the men’s and women’s Breath Thermo Tights to keep you toasty without holding you back.

    The tights use Mizuno’s Breath Thermo technology to keep you warm. The technology traps the heat your body generates as you move to insulate you from the coldest conditions.

    Mizuno’s base layer gives you a snug fit, while the four-way stretch fabric lets you move freely. With reflective touches for extra visibility and flat-lock seams to mitigate chafing, the Mizuno Breath Thermo Tights are a comfortable and practical choice when the temperature plummets.

    Standing Behind Our Picks

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