Gifts for Runners Under $100

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Deciding what to get for a runner can be tricky. A lot of the best running gear like high-tech running watches and massage tools can be quite expensive for the average gift. But there are still plenty of must-have gifts under $100 that can make life for your runner so much better.

After looking back at what gear has recently made the biggest differences in our running, we handpicked a list of our 9 best gifts for runners under $100.

Most of the gear on this list will be in the $50-$100 price range. Check out our gifts for runners under $50 and gifts for runners under $25 for more gift ideas on what to get for the runner in your life.

Here are the best gifts for runners under $100:

[Updated September 13, 2021. This article is part of our 2021 Gift Guide for Runners. See all the best gifts for runners by price, category and more. Can’t make up your mind? No worries. Check out our gift cards for runners for a gift that keeps on giving.]

On Performance-T

Once you give the gift of a running shirt like the On Performance-T, they won’t be able to remember life without it.

The high-tech fabrics dry so fast when you sweat that you stay noticeably fresher during and even after your run. The front of the Performance-T is tear-proof, making it great for runs on the trail or in places where it might get snagged on something, and the back is covered by a highly breathable, moisture-control mesh fabric that feels airy and lightweight as you move.

With stylish Swiss engineering and design, the On Performance-T is the ultimate running top that is seamless and fits perfectly keeping you comfortable for every run.

Aftershokz OpenMove Headphones

This is a gift that most runners have to try to believe. Aftershokz OpenMove headphones use bone conduction to deliver premium sound without the discomfort or risk of running with traditional earbuds.

Because Aftershokz are open-ear headphones, you can stay aware of your surroundings while listening to your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook. Need to focus or use them while you're working? You can even use earplugs while wearing these headphones and still hear crystal clear audio.

Bluetooth pairing, a six-hour battery life, lightweight construction and a secure fit make these headphones a quality running gift at an entry-level price.

Aftershokz OpenMove headphones are a must-have for anyone who likes to vibe to music or tune out during their runs, walks or bike rides.

Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest

As days become shorter or your schedule requires you to go out in the dark, being safe and seen on your runs is incredibly important. The Amphipod Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest makes you impossible to miss.

You wear the Xinglet Optic Beam like a vest over your clothes while light from a powerful LED tube wraps you with 360-degree visibility for up to five hours of total run time.

The easy on-off button lets you cycle through solid or flashing light sequences while reflective front and back panels give you another layer of safety.

Plus, it’s lightweight and adjustable so you can find a snug and comfortable fit that won’t distract you from your run.

If your runner likes to go out when the sun is down, the Xinglet Optic Beam Rechargeable Vest will help them be seen and stay safe.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Tights

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” These men’s and women’s running tights use Mizuno’s Breath Thermo technology that gets warmer as your body generates heat to keep you toasty in the coldest conditions.

Staying warm without feeling bulky or constricted is ideal when running in the cold. So Mizuno used a four-way stretch fabric for a snug fit that lets you move freely. Reflective touches for extra visibility let you wear them on their own or as a base layer, and flat-lock seams keep sensitive skin from chafing.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Tights are a great tool for the cold-weather runner’s wardrobe making them a gift that will be well received during the holiday season.

CEP Run Socks 3.0

If you’ve ever heard your runner complain about sore legs, shin splints or calf cramps, these socks will be a game-changer.

CEP Run Socks 3.0 are tall compression socksthat help you perform better and recover faster.

CEP’s new design uses their new HEIQ clima management and a more natural fitting toe box to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

High-tech yarns and medi-true compression are designed to improve your workout by increasing circulation and stabilizing your muscles making them an ideal gift for marathon runners, fitness enthusiasts and endurance athletes.

Tip for sizing: sizing for these compression socks is based on calf circumference, not shoe size.

OOFOS OOahh Sport Flex Sandals

Runners' feet can be sore and tight after runs. OOFOS OOahh Sport Flex sandals give you next-level comfort and cradle your arches to help you recover in between hard workouts.

These sandals feel incredible after a hard run or long day on your feet. OOFOS’ plush foam absorbs 37% more impact compared to standard cushioning, and their uniquely designed footbed supports your arches and takes stress off your joints by encouraging a more natural walking motion.

They have a sleek design, adjustable strap and come in a variety of colors, making them a great gift for all types of runners and foot shapes.

Nathan Neutron Fire RX

In addition to being seen during your runs and walks in low-light conditions, you want to be able to see as well. The Nathan Neutron Fire RX is a run-specific headlamp that is now lighter than ever.

You can use it up to 25+ hours per charge, and the powerful USB-rechargeable battery helps put out 200 lumens (equivalent to 200 burning candles) of crisp RUN-Right Light™ to lead the way down roads, trails and paths.

To be seen by drivers in traffic in a variety of conditions like fog, snow and rain, this running headlamp also features red, green or blue strobe strips up front for added safety. Plus, the entire head strap is also reflective, giving you 360 degrees of visibility.

Toggle between five lighting modes including a strobe sequence for the perfect amount of light to match your needs.

New Balance Heat Grid Vest

We think a quality vest may be one of the most versatile pieces of running apparel you can own. So if the runner you’re buying a gift for doesn’t already have one, look no further than the New Balance Heat Grid Vest.

Running in cold weather can be a back and forth battle between too hot and too cold. To provide warmth everywhere you need, New Balance uses PrimaLoft® insulation at the front and a breathable Heatgrid fabric on the back. So your chest and core stay toasty and protected from wind while your back doesn’t get too hot or sweaty.

NB HEAT technology in this vest also wicks away moisture to help you stay dry and comfortable while you run in the elements.

Nathan TrailMix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt

Carrying hydration with you can be a pain. The Nathan TrailMix Plus Insulated Hydration Belt is just right when you know you’ll need hydration during your run, walk or hike, but don’t want to break out the full hydration vest and water bladder.

This running belt is ergonomically designed to fit just right and is adjustable so you can run without the belt bouncing or riding up your belly.

Two 10oz insulated water bottles are easily accessible with one hand and are insulated to keep your liquids cooler for 20% longer. A secure pocket in the middle lets you carry your phone, cards, keys, a trail map or some extra nutrition no matter where your adventure takes you.

How We Picked the Best Gifts

With more than 45 years of experience, Fleet Feet is the expert in running (and gifting). What makes the perfect gift for a runner comes down to the personal experience, goals, preferences and style of that runner. At Fleet Feet, we have been helping runners pick out the right gear for decades, so we know a thing or two about making picking out the perfect gifts for them.

We use a combination of real-life use, quality of materials, seasonal trends and our own top-seller lists to pick out the best gifts. With all that in mind, we picked gear that lived up to our personal (and professional) expectations. Plus, as people who live and breathe running, we know what we would like to unwrap ourselves.

Standing Behind Our Picks

We picked the best gifts based on what we think will work for the most people in the most situations. If you buy a gift from us and you don’t love the way it looks, fits or performs, bring them back within 60 days for a full refund.

Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders over $99 on, and we’ll match a lower price from a qualifying retailer. That’s our Happy Fit Guarantee.