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It’s hard enough to find gifts for athletes who love one sport, let alone three. Don’t fret, we are here to help.

You don’t have to get them the latest pair of super shoes or a carbon-fiber road bike to show them how much you care. There are plenty of gear and gift ideas that triathletes could use to train comfortably throughout the year, whether it is their first sprint triathlon or their next Ironman.

Chock full of gear to help them run, bike and swim their way to the finish line, our Fleet Feet Editors put together a list of the top gifts for the triathlete in your life.

This article is part of our 2024 Gift Guide for Runners. See all the best gifts for runners by price, category and more. Can’t make up your mind? No worries. Check out our gift cards for a gift that keeps on giving.

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Gifts for Triathletes
Shokz Roadwave Sport Audio Sunglasses Thumbnail

Shokz Roadwave Sport Audio Sunglasses

Quite possibly the coolest gear to come out in recent memory, the Shokz Roadwave Sport Audio Sunglasses combine sport sunglasses with headphones. Triathletes spend a lot of time running and biking during their training. The Roadwave Audio Sunglasses let them listen to their favorite music, audiobooks and podcasts as the miles fly by. And thanks to the headphones' open-ear design, your triathlete will still be able to hear their surroundings.
Gifts for Triathletes
Amphipod Race-Lite Quick-Clip Race Number Belt™ Thumbnail

Amphipod Race-Lite Quick-Clip Race Number Belt

This is the perfect gift for a beginner triathlete. Amphipod’s Race-Lite Quick-Clip Race Number Belt makes transitioning from the bike to the run a breeze. The ultralight, ultra-secure belt uses soft, one-inch non-chafing elastic to make sure that they are comfortable on race day. And the fast on-and-off quick-release buckle makes it easy to clip on when they are sweaty and ready to go.
Gifts for Triathletes
Garmin Forerunner 965 Thumbnail

Garmin Forerunner 965

Triathletes can be huge data nerds. The Garmin Forerunner 965 has a brilliant AMOLED screen display and tracks every part of their training, from long-distance runs and open water swims to bike rides and recovery days. Plus, Garmin’s new Training Readiness Score can monitor sleep quality, recovery, training load, recent performance and heart rate variability status to determine if they’re primed to train hard that day or need to take a break. If you’re not sure which Garmin to get your athlete, the Forerunner 965 is a safe bet.
Gifts for Triathletes
Swiftwick Aspire Zero Socks Thumbnail

Swiftwick Aspire Zero Socks


Similar to a runner, a triathlete can never have too many pairs of socks. Swiftwick socks have firm compression that provides contoured support for running, cycling and triathlons.

The result of the Contoured Compression® Fit and Fiber First™ Moisture Wicking technology found in the Swiftwick socks is dry, blister-free performance, which is important when triathletes get out of the water with wet feet.

Gifts for Triathletes
Maurten Drink Mix 320 - Single Thumbnail

Maurten Drink Mix 320


Maurten’s Drink Mix 320 is an endurance sports drink mix for hard efforts and a great gift for any endurance athlete. Developed by an Ironman triathlete, this is the perfect way to fuel during training or on race day.

Mix the packet in 500 ml of water and drink it on the bike or run—this drink mix will keep them fueled with carbs and is easy on the stomach.

Gifts for Triathletes
Nathan Run Laces™ Thumbnail

Nathan Run Laces

Don’t let your triathlete waste precious time having to tie their shoes when transitioning from the bike to the run. These elastic shoelaces are perfect for triathletes because they stay in place, while allowing them to slip on their shoes and go.
Gifts for Triathletes
Sprints Towel Thumbnail

Sprints Towel

Sprints towels are a multifaceted gift for your triathlete. These microfiber performance towels work great for race day to lay out all of their gear in transition. It also has an integrated pocket that can be slipped over the headrest of a car seat to protect it from soaking up sweat or water. Plus, it works as a regular towel to dry off after a swim or wipe sweat away after they bike or run.
Gifts for Triathletes
Therabody Theragun ELITE G4 Thumbnail

Therabody Theragun ELITE G4


Training for three different sports will make for some sore and tired muscles. The Theragun ELITE G4 can help them recover by soothing achy arms and restoring weary legs.

This is a powerful and versatile percussion massager that has five different attachments to work out each muscle along with an app to guide you through those deep muscle treatments. It has a best-in-class 16 mm amplitude that reaches 60% deeper into the muscle than consumer-grade vibration massagers to release their deepest tension.

Gifts for Triathletes
Craft Core Essence Thermal Multi Grip Glove 2 Thumbnail

Craft Core Essence Thermal Multi Grip Glove 2


Most triathletes won’t let the cold winter months stop them from training outside. These gloves from Craft will keep their hands warm whether they’re running or cycling.

A soft brushed inside will give them extra warmth and comfort, and a touchscreen-friendly design with extra grip on the palms makes it so they won't have to expose their hands to the cold. Plus, reflective details shine bright if they’re running or riding in the dark.

Gifts for Triathletes
Squirrel's Nut Butter - 2-oz Tub Thumbnail

Squirrel’s Nut Butter

Friends don’t let friends chafe. Squirrel’s Nut Butter isn’t the most glamorous gift on this list, but it will be the one your triathlete is the most grateful for. With just four all-natural ingredients— coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and vitamin E oil—Squirrel's Nut Butter is one of our favorites for preventing chafing and irritation during runs, bike rides and swimming.
Gifts for Triathletes
Women's CEP The Run Compression Calf Sleeve 4.0 Thumbnail

CEP The Run Compression 4.0 Calf Sleeves


By the time the running portion of a triathlon comes around, their calves will be barking at them. These CEP calf sleeves use medical-grade compression to decrease fatigue and cramping so their legs will feel lighter and stronger.

Read more in our CEP The Run 4.0 Compression Sleeves review.

Gifts for Triathletes
FlipBelt Zipper Thumbnail

FlipBelt Zipper

You have to carry a lot of small items during long training runs or bike rides. We love the FlipBelt Zipper as a sleek and comfortable way to carry our energy gels, phone, keys, wallet, inhaler and other essentials without the bounce.
Gifts for Triathletes
OOFOS OOahh Sport Flex Thumbnail

OOFOS OOahh Sport Flex Sandals

$60 - $80
There may be no greater feeling than sliding on these recovery sandals after a grueling race. Your triathlete will no doubt love the OOahh Sport Flex Sandal’s soft foam and uniquely designed footbed that cradles their arches and creates a cushy, supportive walking experience after they cross the finish line.
Gifts for Triathletes
GU Energy Gel Single Thumbnail

GU Energy Gel

Triathletes are no strangers to energy gels. Give them one less thing to have to stock up on and include some GU Energy Gels in your giftbox. Each gel pack delivers a sweet hit of carbs, electrolytes and BCAAs, which your body can absorb and use quickly for a boost of energy on the go.
Gifts for Triathletes
New Formula! Nuun Sport Thumbnail

nuun Sport Hydration Mix

Staying hydrated can feel like a full-time job for the triathlete-in-training. This tasty hydration tab crafts delicious drink mixes that give your runner all of the electrolytes without the unnecessary sugars.
Gifts for Triathletes
Shokz OpenSwim Headphones Thumbnail

Shokz OpenSwim Headphones


These headphones are a fantastic gift for a triathlete because it lets them listen to music whether they’re swimming, cycling or running. The open-ear design of Aftershokz headphones uses bone conduction to transfer sound, so they sit outside the ears, not inside or over them. This way your triathlete can hear their tunes, but also traffic and other noises around them.

Since you can’t carry your phone with you in the swimming pool or lake, these fully waterproof headphones are not Bluetooth-compatible. Instead, they have built-in storage that allows for a library of up to 1,200 songs that are ready to play at the touch of a button.

Gifts for Triathletes
TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller Thumbnail

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

Recovery is a huge component of training for a triathlon. The TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller takes the standard foam cylinder and kicks it up a notch with multiple foam densities and textures across its surface to mimic a massage therapist's hands.

More Gifts for Runners

We narrowed down our favorite products by category so whether your runner likes to crush marathons or enjoys the daily stress-relief, these gifts will make your shopping easy.

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