Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 | Fleet Feet

Sometimes the smallest gifts for runners can make the biggest difference.

So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite small gifts ranging from brand new products to best-selling classics for runners that you can buy as a stocking stuffer, add to a gift basket or wrap up individually for the holidays.

If you’re shopping for a gift for a marathon runner, a gift for a new runner or for friends and family, this list of the best 10 stocking stuffers are must-haves for all types of runners that they will love to use every day.

From open-ear headphones that let them stay aware of their surroundings to socks that won’t slide down the backs of their shoes, the runner in your life will thank you for these gifts. Looking for a gift idea under a specific budget? Check out our best gifts for runners under $25, $50 & $100.

[Updated September 13, 2021. This article is part of our 2021 Gift Guide for Runners. See all the best gifts for runners by price, category and more. Can’t make up your mind? No worries. Check out our gift cards for runners for a gift that keeps on giving.]

Roll Recovery R3

Runners’ feet can often be tight or sore from the repetitive impact with the ground. The Roll Recovery R3 targets soreness and pain with a revolutionary design that’s like gifting a coupon for free foot massages.

We love this foot massager for its unique, asymmetrical shape that lets us focus pressure on the inner, middle, and outer parts of the foot, which helps stretch high-injury areas and relieve soreness from things like plantar fasciitis. It rolls smoothly on the ground, whether you’re on hardwood or carpet, and it’s super stable so you can really put your body weight into it if you need to.

Small yet effective, the Roll Recovery R3 is a take-anywhere massage tool they can fit in their travel or gym bag.

goodr Running Sunglasses

A gift that immediately spices up any holiday party outfit, goodr Sunglasses prevent glare and protect from UVA/UVB rays. Plus, they’re darn good running sunglasses for the price.

With quirky, yet stylish frames like Nakatomi Tower Christmas Party, goodr’s sunglasses are polarized, super lightweight, and have a no-slip coating so they don’t slip or bounce when you're running, biking, cross-country skiing or singing the Jingle Bell Rock.

With tons of colors and styles to choose from and a range of sizes available to provide the most comfortable fit, goodr has something for everyone. We also love the $25-$35 price tag, which means you can gift pairs to multiple people and pick frames to match their style for a personal touch.

Feetures Merino 10 No Show Tab Sock

To a runner, technical running socks are one of the most exciting gifts you can receive. If you want to give your runner something practical and useful, Feetures Merino 10 No Show Tab Socks are an excellent choice.

We love using socks made from merino wool during cold and wet weather because they wick away sweat and moisture quickly while keeping in warmth — making them some of the best socks you can buy as a gift for your runner or walker.

With an anatomical fit that feels custom made, targeted compression around the arch, and a tab on the heel for blister prevention, Feetures Merino 10 No Show socks will be your runner’s best friend (especially during colder winter months).

And let’s be honest, they can always use more socks.

Garmin Venu SQ Music

Looking to splurge on a great stocking stuffer or small gift for a runner? The Garmin Venu SQ Music is a wireless workout experience and smartwatch combined.

Carrying a bulky phone during your run or around the gym is a huge pain. The Venu SQ Music lets you download your favorite music and podcasts straight to your watch so your phone isn’t bouncing around in your pocket. It also has Gamin Pay for contactless payment so you can swing by your favorite coffee shop after your run.

If you're buying the Garmin Venu SQ Music for a new runner or marathon runner, they’ll love the GPS tracking, diverse training features and range of activities it coaches you through.

Plus, when they aren’t running, the Venu SQ Music pairs to their phone to receive smart notifications and track sleep quality, hydration and stress.

Aftershokz OpenMove Headphones

Aftershokz OpenMove Headphones have become a no-brainer for runners and walkers that want to be able to hear their surroundings while still listening to their favorite songs, podcasts or audiobooks.

These open-ear headphones use bone conduction technology that delivers premium sound without the discomfort of traditional earbuds. So you can listen to the world around you and vibe to your perfect playlist while running a busy street or flowing over technical trails.

Aftershokz OpenMove Headphones also have Bluetooth pairing, a six-hour battery life, lightweight construction and a secure fit making them a quality running gift at an entry-level price.

Hydro Flask 21oz Standard Mouth

Hydration is always top of mind for runners, so we can get quite attached to our water bottles.

The Hydro Flask 21oz Water Bottle is the perfect travel companion to gift to the runner in your life.

This water bottle is built like a tank, uses stainless steel so there is no flavor transfer, and has a proprietary powder coat for easy gripping and durability.

Hydro Flask uses a double-wall vacuum insulation and leak-proof lid so cold drinks stay cold up to 24 hours and hot drinks stay piping hot for up to 12 hours. You can use this water bottle for everything: water (of course), electrolyte and protein mixes, coffee, tea, or even as a massage roller in a pinch.

Nuun Rest

Keeping on the theme of hydration, Nuun Rest is a great gift for a runner who could use some extra R&R.

Packed with a soothing blend of magnesium, potassium and tart-cherry, this electrolyte tab replenishes vital nutrients and minerals while calming your body and mind for a peaceful rest.

For hydration and relaxation after a long workout or day on your feet, drop a Lemon Chamomile or Blackberry Vanilla Nuun Rest tab into cold or hot water to wind down and be ready to hit the ground running in the morning. To kick your stocking stuffer up a notch, check out Nuun Immunity and Nuun Sport flavors to gift together as a sampler of magical elixirs.

Amphipod Full Viz Slapband

Safety is the most important aspect of running outdoors. During the colder months when there is less daylight, buying your runner an Amphipod Full Viz Slapband is an easy and useful gift to keep them seen by drivers when they’re on the road.

It can easily be added to any running outfit and worn on your ankles or wrists where drivers are more likely to notice the reflectivity. Available in multiple high-visibility colors, it simply unrolls flat and slaps around your wrist for a personalized fit that doesn’t get in the way.

On Merino Beanie

If you're buying a stocking stuffer or small gift for a runner that likes minimalist style and ultra-versatility, they will love the On Merino Beanie.

Sleek and thoughtfully crafted using 100% merino wool, this running beanie keeps your head toasty while the fast-drying wool wicks away moisture from sweat, rain or snow.

Ready for a cold run or a cold beer at the brewery, the On Merino Beanie is odor-resistant and wrinkle-proof letting you wear it all the time with any outfit.

BOCO Face Mask

Just like socks, it seems like we can always use an extra mask these days. The CDC recommends people wear a cloth face mask or other covering in public when proper social distancing is not possible.

BOCO Face Masks are made for lightweight breathability and performance so you can run, work out or tackle errands while staying safe and comfortable. It uses two layers of cloth with a filter pocket in between for extra protection. The outer layer breathes well if you need to wear it while running or working out, and the inner layer is super-soft and durable

Made to fit well on a variety of head shapes, elastic ear loops give you a secure fit and the cut of the mask leaves space for your nose and chin so it doesn’t move when you talk.

If you’re looking for one last thing to add to your stocking stuffer, the BOCO Face Mask is a good choice.

Standing Behind Our Picks

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