9 Mindful Gifts for Runners to Reclaim Calm and Boost Recovery

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Our lives can be incredibly busy during the holiday season. During stressful times, it is helpful to remember the many mental health benefits of running such as better sleep, sharper focus, improved self-esteem, and good old-fashioned stress relief.

Oftentimes finding a thoughtful gift to give to a runner can be as simple as reinforcing their positive habit with a gift that reminds them to make space for their chosen form of self-care. If they like to run, they probably also enjoy the daily dose of calm their running routine can give to them.

Below we listed our best gift ideas for runners focused on recovery and wellness, ranging from super-soft hoodies and joggers to percussion massagers and health-focused smartwatches.

If you know a runner or someone who enjoys exercise for stress release, these running gifts will help them remember to be mindful, make time for recovery and reclaim their sense of calm. What’s better, you’ll be getting them a gift you can feel good about, too.

This article is part of our 2021 Gift Guide for Runners. See all the best gifts for runners by price, category and more. Can’t make up your mind? No worries. Check out our gift cards for a gift that keeps on giving.]

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Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

Running can take a toll on the body. So it’s important to recover between workouts to avoid injury and burnout. Thankfully, the Hypervolt 2 Pro provides some serious relief and relaxation to tight and sore muscles.

It comes with five different head attachments and five massage speeds so your runner can dial in the perfect pressure. Plus, to make it even easier, the Hyperice App and Bluetooth features will teach them to recover like the pros do with guided routines from top athletes and automatic speed adjustments.

If your runner is reluctant to foam roll, this gift may change their life.

CEP Run Socks 3.0

After a hard race, run or workout, a good pair of compression socks will feel like a nice hug for their tired, achy muscles. CEP Compression can help encourage blood flow and promote faster recovery times, which makes the compressive CEP Run Socks 3.0 a great choice for long-distance runners.

The latest iteration of these Run Socks provide accurate, graduated compression that helps accelerate the removal of lactic acid during activity. So whether they are wearing them during or after a long run, these CEP Run Socks will leave their legs feeling renewed and fresh.

Nuun Immunity & Rest Drink Tabs

Hydration and nutrition are two major components of performance and recovery. Nuun Immunity and Rest drink mixes aren’t just for hydration—they’re formulated for everyday life.

To start their morning off right with essential electrolytes and antioxidants they can plop a nuun Immunity in their water bottle. And when it’s time to wind down and recover, they can try some nuun Rest in cold or hot water; the soothing blend of magnesium, potassium and tart-cherry will help put them at ease after a tough workout or a long day.

OOFOS OOriginal Sandal

OOFOS OOriginal Sandals have next-level comfort for post-workout relief or everyday comfort. Whether you’re buying for a beginner or seasoned runner, they will love to put on these sandals after a long run or race.

The recovery sandal’s closed-cell foam is machine washable, and the uniquely designed footbed cradles your arches. Plus, OOFOS carved its OOriginal Sandal from revolutionary OOfoam that’s extra cushy to reduce impact on the feet, knees and joints.

On top of amazingly comfortable cushioning, you can choose from different colorways to match their personal style.

Vuori Lux Performance Tank*

If you’re shopping for women's running gifts, a reliable running tank top is one of the most convenient and versatile pieces of apparel you can own. And she will love everything about the Vuori Lux Tank.

The Lux Tank styles well with just about any outfit and the flattering cut gives just the right amount of coverage that’s not too deep under the arms and not too low in front.

It’s super soft to the touch and uses stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics with anti-odor properties.

The lightweight fabric keeps the Lux Tank comfortable and cool all day long. So, she can wear it for running, yoga, hiking, training or curl up on the couch with a good book.

*Available only in store. Contact your local Fleet Feet for availability.

Garmin Venu SQ & Venu SQ Music

The Garmin Venu SQ will give your runner all of the best features of a smartwatch plus a ton of extra health-focused features.

During their runs, they can use GPS tracking and other coaching features and activities to track their progress and train smarter. It also has a Yoga setting, a great way to reset and maintain calm during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

When they aren’t running, the Venu SQ Music pairs to their phone to receive smart notifications and track sleep quality, hydration and stress. Plus, if you splurge for the Garmin Venu SQ Music, they can download their favorite music and podcasts straight to their watch so their phone isn’t bouncing around their pocket.

Karhu Ikoni 2021

When their legs are tired and they don’t want to go out for a recovery run, a well-cushioned pair of running shoes can make the difference between a dreadful slog and an easy trot.

The Karhu Ikoni 2021 made our list of the best running shoes thanks to its generous fit and effortless ride. The design was shaped by millions of 3D foot scans captured during Fleet Feet’s fit id® outfitting process, giving it an accommodating fit for a wide variety of foot shapes.

A cushy bed of lightweight Aerofoam feels super plush and responsive and is supported by a half-length Fulcrum rocker in the midfoot. This combination helps to propel the foot through its heel-to-toe transition and makes the shoe feel like it’s doing the running for you.

Vuori Performance Jogger*

When it’s time for them to take a rest day and focus on recovery, every runner could use a comfy pair of joggers to slip into—and the Vuori Performance Joggers might be the softest, most relaxing pair of joggers ever. They will become your runner’s favorite pair from the moment the lightweight, Dreamknit™ stretch fabric touches their skin.

Perfect for cold-morning recovery runs and rest days on the couch, these stylish joggers look amazing in every color and have a slim but relaxed fit and a slightly cropped leg.

*Available in-store only, find your local Fleet Feet.

Vuori Halo Essential Hoodie*

To complement their comfy pair of Vuori joggers, they’re going to need a cozy hoodie. The Vuori Halo Essential Hoodie is so comfortable they will want to throw it on every day. Its dreamy-soft fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, so even if they wear it during a workout, it will be dry before they get their post-run coffee. The style and fit are lightweight and relaxed through the body so they can use it for layering, working out or work-from-home days. *Available in-store only, find your local Fleet Feet.

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We use a combination of real-life use, quality of materials, seasonal trends and our own top-seller lists to pick out the best gifts. With all that in mind, we picked gear that lived up to our personal (and professional) expectations. Plus, as people who live and breathe running, we know what we would like to unwrap ourselves.

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