A large group of runners gather to smile and pose with a Latinos Run banner.

Latinos Run

Latinos Run isn't just a running platform; it's a vibe, a movement, and they're here to break the mold. With a global squad of over 35,000 Latinx runners, from fresh starters to the elite, all pushing for a healthier life.

As the ultimate minority game-changer, Latinos Run is throwing open the doors to a community that's been overlooked. They're not just running; they're rewriting the script. The mission? To spark a revolution, inspire their colorful crew to change the running industry, and make diversity the heartbeat.

Join them in celebrating the journey because at Latinos Run, they're not just running – they're redefining the scene.

Three runners stand in their Latinos Run gear and smile with a race medal

2023 wins

In 2023, Latinos Run achieved significant milestones, including opening new chapters across the country and establishing partnerships with brands dedicated to inspiring and engaging with more runners of color. They hosted their largest annual Hispanic Heritage Month run in partnership with Fleet Feet at over 50 locations, further emphasizing their commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive running community.

Join Latinos Run in 2023

Latinos Run and Latinas Run are active online communities. Join the national Latinos Run group on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, or join a Local Chapter in your area.

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A group of runners gathers together with a Latinos Run banner in Glendale, AZ

How to Support Latinos Run

Give the gift of running this year by giving to Latinos Run. Consider a one-time donation which helps fund Latinos Run Chapters across the country and inspire more runners of color to lace up and get active. Latinos Run is a national organization that promotes running as way to improve physical and mental health of the Latino community. Their free groups and platforms offer a place to empower one another and create healthy dialogue among runners of all backgrounds.

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