Tremayne Cryer

Art Director

If you’re looking for a deep discussion on how trends of typography in the 1980s and the album styles of The Clash and The Smiths influence design elements today—while also working on a 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV—Tremayne Cryer is your guy. With experience that spans three decades, Tremayne has built up an impressive portfolio of brands, work, and style.

Born in Mississippi to an English father and an American mother, Tremayne spent most of his youth in Hawaii and California, where his father was stationed with the U.S. Navy. After graduating from University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in fine arts, Tremayne spent the next two decades working and contracting for brands including Thomas Kinkade and Disney, while also starting his own freelance business. Tremayne came to work full-time for Fleet Feet in 2015 and has tackled the graphic design and artwork for everything from the brand’s new “torch” symbol to our national 5K event, The Big Run. He even lead the creation of the event branding and booth experience for Fleet Feet’s in-house shoe brand, Karhu.

Proud father to two boys, Atticus and Max, and a proud husband to wife, Melissa, Tremayne and his family have happily lived in Carrboro since 2011 after escaping the high prices of the West Coast.