If you come across John in the office, chances are good you’ll find him either staring at his phone or delivering a concise, memorable, and well-timed quip. As the person tasked with driving online customer engagement through memorable and meaningful digital media messaging, we’d have it no other way.

John joined Fleet Feet in January 2018, coming to the brand after five years managing the digital media accounts for Soccer.com. His ability to blend aesthetics with messaging helped drive meaningful engagement and revenue for the online retailer, which saw dramatic increases in followers, engagement, and sales.

A graduate of the University of Alabama where he majored in Political Science and American Studies, John went on to get his Master's in International Relations from NC State. He now resides in Durham with his girlfriend, Margaret, and their loveable greyhound. An admitted shoe fanatic, John has an undisclosed number of running and lifestyle shoes locked away in a secure, top-secret closet.