Coleman Conley

Data Analytics Manager

You know the book (and Brad Pitt movie) “Moneyball” that showed how Oakland Athletics’ General Manager Billy Beane used advanced analytics to put together a successful ball club on a very limited budget by recruiting players deemed flawed? Well, Cole really did that during his three years at USA Baseball. Now, he uses his experience with data to crunch numbers, identify trends, and help inform decisions and strategies in each department at Fleet Feet.

Originally from Floyd, Va., Cole grew up idolizing past and present heroes of sports, including Sammy Sosa, Reggie Miller, Randall Cunningham, Jackie Robinson, and Roberto Clemente. Cole joined his high school cross country team as a freshman and contributed to the team’s turnaround during his four years there, going from dead last his freshman year to finishing as the state runner-up his senior year.

Cole graduated from Emory & Henry College with a degree in economics before getting his master’s in statistics from NC State University, and he remains a passionate and vocal minority in the office in terms of supporting the Wolf Pack instead of the Tar Heels. Married in June 2018 to his wife, Haleigh, Cole now lives in Raleigh, and from time to time he contemplates a revival of his college-years R&B radio show, Soul with Cole.