Alex Tallman

Senior Manager, Retail Experience

Alex’s career with Fleet Feet first began in Pittsburgh in 2014, where he worked part-time at the store on weekends. His love of running began before that, however, taking hold in high school when he led his team to qualify for the cross country state championship his senior year.

Originally from Flint, Mich., Alex graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in general business management before moving to the Steel City. In Pittsburgh, Alex played a pivotal role in the success of the store as the assistant manager / footwear and accessories buyer, masterfully managing inventory while maximizing sales. He spearheaded a revolution in footwear buying, with Fleet Feet stores throughout the country now using some of the tools he developed.

Alex’s success in Pittsburgh led to his role as retail trainer on the Store Support Team, which he officially joined in June 2018. Alex leads retail education and training strategies, focusing on content and resources for store-level retail trainers, cross sales, and inventory management. Now getting adjusted to North Carolina with his girlfriend, Stephanie, and their cats, Goose, Lucy, and Allie, Alex spends his free time outside running, kayaking, and everything in between.