Many of Fleet Feet’s owners had previous careers before ending up at Fleet Feet, and Adam is no exception. He first worked for several years as an elementary school teacher before his love of the outdoors proved too strong a passion to ignore. He followed that passion first to the outdoor industry, then to his own business, and lastly to Fleet Feet, where he began working in 2013 at the Carrboro store. In 2016, he landed in his current role with the Store Support Team.

Born in New York, raised in Pennsylvania, and educated in Florida, Adam now makes his home in North Carolina where he adds swimming, Crossfit, cycling, backpacking, and tennis into his weekly fitness routine—in addition to running, of course.

A finisher of the New York City Marathon, Adam stays motivated during his long and hot runs in the North Carolina humidity by focusing on the junk food he’ll reward himself with at the end. He also loves hitting one of many of the local trails early in the morning.