Together We Move Training

With social distancing, community-wide lockdowns and closures of gyms, parks and trailheads, Fleet Feet and The Run Experience have joined forces to bring you a new way to train.

It’s a day-by-day approach to physical and mental wellness that includes running, strength, mobility, stretching, yoga and mindfulness.

We don’t know where the path leads, where it ends or what obstacles may appear along the way. What we do know is this — we will go farther if we go together.

Use the hashtag #TogetherWeMove and #runningisNOTcancelled to share your journey. Thanks for training with us.

Farmer's Carry Workout with AMGA-certified guide Cody Bradford

All you need is a bucket or a backpack to develop strength with Rock Guide Cody Bradford.

10 Minutes to Increased Flexibility and Mobility

Join Physical Therapist Wes Miller for 4 mobility exercises designed to increase flexibility where runners need it most. All you need is 10 minutes and a strap to stretch with.

1. Kneeling Hip flexor Stretch. 2 minutes on each side.

2. Titanic Hang Stretch. 1 minute, 3 times. You can build up to holding it for 3 minutes at a time once you feel comfortable.

3. Deep Sit Squat. 30 seconds, 3 times.

4. Chest-opening stretch with a band. 30 seconds, 3 times.

12-Minute Low-Impact HIIT Workout

Follow along for a low-impact dynamic HIIT workout that targets the whole body and incorporates a bit of mobility, all while working your aerobic system. You need 12 minutes, and no extra gear (except for a watch or timer).


Spartan Challenge Workout

Spartan races require full body strength, endurance, and mental toughness. Are you up for today's Spartan challenge workout?

10 reps of each: Leg Cradles, Inchworm with a Push-up, Side-shuffle (30 seconds), Knee to Chest with Lunge

- 400-meter run
- 25 Air Squats
- 25 push-ups
- 25 Straight-leg sit-ups
- 25 Seated BW Rowers

Modify movements or reps as needed. The goal is to make this challenging but within your fitness ability. All time is estimated. Pause the timer if you need more time for any movement or move ahead to the next if you finish early.

10 per side each: Lateral Leg Swings, Single-leg Lowers, Spiderman T-spine Rotation

Physical Therapist Aaron Knighton

Pre- and Post-Run Exercises with Physical Therapist Aaron Knighton

Physical Therapist Aaron Knighton of Blue Performance Group shares four stretch and mobility exercises for pre- and post-run. You'll need a long resistance band and a foam roller.

Pre-run: Side Plank with a leg swing, Banded Standing March

Post-run: Hip-flexor Stretch, Myofascial Stripping with a foam roller

10-Minute Run Drills with Coach Nate

Follow along with Coach Nate for today's workout on The Run Experience App. We'll do 10 minutes of run drills to focus on breathing and your arm swing. Notice how both of these areas can lead better posture, more relaxed shoulders, and even a softer, lighter footfall. The workout will consist of the following:

- 2-minute easy warmup.

- 1-minute nose breathing, 30 seconds easy running. Repeat both again.

- 1-minute exaggerated arm swing, 30 seconds easy running. Repeat both again.

- 2-minute easy run putting it all together. Feel free to go longer or shorter as needed. After your drills, stick around for 4 minutes of couch stretch mobility.

Smiling female runner with dog

Fun Speedplay Workout with Ashley

Who says speed work can't be fun? Join Ashley for a fun fartlek.

WARM UP: 10 minutes of easy running.

DYNAMIC WARM UP: High Knees, Butt Kicks, Forward Lunges with a Kick, Leg Swings.

4 x 20-second strides with 40-second recovery.

WORKOUT: 10-20 total minutes of unstructured fartlek.

Scale this workout up or down depending on your fitness level. The only limitation is that you can't run a hard interval for more than a mile in this session. Have fun!

woman with resistance band

Glute Strength with Coach Morgan

Join Coach Morgan for this follow-along workout to activate and strengthen your glutes. You'll need a resistance band (or a stretchy long sleeve t-shirt).

3 rounds. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest for each.

- Squat Abduction Pulses

- Lateral Plank Walk

- Clam Shells

- High Knees

Post-workout mobility: 2 minutes of glute smashing per side with a lacrosse ball or foam roller.

Victorious Heather Jackson with Iron Man finish line tape

Hill Repeats For Leg Strength with Pro Triathlete Heather Jackson

Join Pro HOKA ONE ONE triathlete Heather Jackson for this hill repeat workout to help you build strength.

WARM UP: 20 minutes of easy running.

WORKOUT: Run 4 rounds of 5 x 30-sec hills.

Rest for 3 minutes in between each set.

Focus on form rather than speed. Drive your legs and arms and keep a tall chest.

COOL DOWN: 20 minutes of easy running.

20-Minute Full-Body Workout for Core and Leg Strength

Join Superfeet Ambassador Tara Garrison for this full-body workout. Set a timer for 20 minutes and do as many rounds as possible, focusing on form at all times.

- 20 steps Bear Crawls

- 10 Inch Worms

- 10 High Knees to Squat (6 High Knees before the Squat)

- 10 Squat with 3 Pulses at Bottom

- 10 Broad Jumps


Strides and Planks with Nate and Holly

Efficient running requires that we strike a balance between being "relaxed" and fluid while also keeping our core engaged and "tight" to support our posture and mechanics. This balance will shift based on terrain and pace. Today's workout includes a core exercise and a progressive series of run strides. You'll play with finding the "sweet spot" with the right amount of tension.

RUNNING WARM UP: 5 minutes easy, relaxed running, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.

DYNAMIC WARM UP: 10 x Squats, Boot Strappers, Reverse Lunge to Leg Swing per side. 30 seconds of Arm Clasps

MAIN SET: 2 rounds of the following. Rest 60 seconds after each stride.

- 10 Nose Breath Plank (breathing into the belly)

- 20 Second Stride 70% effort.

- 10 Nose Breath Plank (breathing into the belly)

- 20 Second Stride 75% effort.

- 10 Nose Breath Plank (breathing into the belly)

- 20 Second Stride 80% effort.

- Run 10 to 20-plus minutes at a relaxed pace, playing with this idea of finding the right amount of tension.

MOBILITY WORK: 2 minutes of 3-Legged Dog to Long Lunge per side.

Hip Flexor Stretching Routine with Amanda Brooks

Join Amanda Brooks of Run to the Finish in this hip flexor stretching routine. For each static stretch, work up to a full minute hold for maximum benefits. One round every day is better than three rounds once per week.

TFL Stretch: From a kneeling position, align your right foot with your left knee, then push out the left hip. Switch legs and repeat on opposite side.

Couch Stretch: From a kneeling position, place your left knee on the ground and your left shin along a bench, chair or wall.

Deep Squat: Start with your feet slightly wider than hips and drop into a squat. Take your time to relax into the posture. You may need to place something (like a rolled up yoga mat) under your heels if you can’t keep them flat on the floor.

Speedwork with 100-mile World Champion, Zach Bitter

Today, Altra Athlete and 100-Mile World Champion Zach Bitter brings us a unique speed workout with two options. If you're not training for a marathon or ultramarathon, we recommend that you modify this workout and cut the volume to one half, one third or one quarter. Zach and his wife, Nicole designed this as a workout that they could do together, despite running at different paces.

Workout Structure: Warm up with 15 minutes of easy jogging followed by dynamic warmup drills and 4 to 6 20-second strides.

8 - 10 reps of mile repeats with a 90-sec jog.


8-10 400s with a one-mile flow (modified, if needed).

15-minute easy cool down.

Mechanics Run with Coach Ashley

Join Fleet Feet Coach Ashley for a form and cadence run.

DYNAMIC WARMUP: (10 to 20 each side) High knees, Butt Kicks, Walking lunges with a twist, Plank walkouts to roll ups.

WORKOUT: 10 minutes of easy running, up to 2 miles.

6 x 20 seconds of good-form running. 3 minutes of easy running.

6 x 30-sec hill with an easy jog back down.

3 minutes of easy running. 6 x 20 seconds of good-form running.

COOL DOWN: 10 minutes or up to 2 miles.


Feet, Calf and Posterior Mobility with Kelly Starrett

These mobility exercises for the feet and calves will restore a more natural and fluid gait while helping to ease your aches and pains. All you need is a small, firm ball or coffee mug, a band or strap, and a little elbow grease.

Posterior Knee Extension: Three minutes on each leg

Upper Calf Rolling: Three minutes on each leg

The Burpee Run

Follow along with Coach Nate from The Run Experience for the one and only Burpee Run.

Smiling Justine ready for a workout

Low-Impact HIIT Workout

Follow along at home with Superfeet Ambassador Justine Van Drunen for this dynamic low-impact HIIT circuit, designed to be completed three times.

For each exercise, do 30 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Feel free to rest completely, or do some active side-stepping along with Justine!

Francheska Martinez balancing in a squat on a wall

Hip Mobility and Flexibility with Functional Movement Coach Francheska Martinez

Join Superfeet Ambassador and Functional Movement Coach Francheska Martinez for a comprehensive hip strength and mobility workout that will make you feel better whether you run, walk or simply need a break during your new WFH routine.


Mish Mosh Circuit Run with Gina Lucrezi of Trail Sisters

Join Gina Lucrezi, Founder of Trail Sisters, in a fun circuit workout called a Mish Mosh run. This workout can be done anywhere, from trails, your local park or even your own backyard. It's a great way to switch things up mentally and physically. As your body fatigues, you'll recruit different muscles and add challenge and variety. Here’s how it works.

1. Pick a total distance for your run and a few different dynamic exercises.

2. Start running.

3. After you complete each mile, find a safe spot and complete 20 reps of each exercise.

4. For today's video, Gina is running 4 miles.

Her exercises include mountain climbers, jumping jacks, lunges and pushups.

Woman performing leg swings

FUN Speed to Get Faster and Learn Pacing

This fun, mixed-pace speed session begins with a dynamic warm up that includes fun balancing exercises that also work to activate your gluteus muscles and prime your body to run.


20-Minute Strength Mobility Home Workout

Today's strength and mobility workout takes only 20 minutes, and it's the perfect workout for indoors. Optional equipment includes: broomstick or PVC pipe and a towel or pillow.

To complete the workout, perform three rounds of the following six exercises with 15 seconds of rest between them.

1. Hip Circle Lunges for 30 seconds per leg.

2. Good Mornings for one minute.

3. Mountain Climbers for one minute.

4. Side Squats for 30 seconds per leg.

5. Reverse Lunge with your foot on a Pillow for 30 seconds per leg.

For a bonus challenge, hold a low plank for as long as you can.

The Minutes Fartlek with Mike Olzinski

Mike Olzinski coaches strength, fitness, endurance and nutrition with Purple Patch Fitness in San Anselmo, Cali. And his personal athletic resume is just as varied. Olzinski is a former New York State Hockey champion, Division III lacrosse player, Ironman athlete and 4:34 miler (he ran that PR in the same year that he ran his first 50-mile trail race, by the way).

His workouts are challenging, and scalable. Be sure to do all of the dynamic warm-ups listed below.



- 5 minutes of easy jogging

- 2 x through Dynamic Warm Up drills (High Knees Butt Kicks, Lateral Shuffle, Carioca, A-Skips)

- 4 x 20-second strides to open your gait and increase your heart rate

- 5 minutes of easy jogging (again) before you start the workout set


32- or 50-minute run as:

1 min ON - 1 min OFF

2 min ON - 2 min OFF

3 min ON - 3 min OFF

4 min ON - 4 min OFF

If you're new to running, or just getting back into shape, stop here (at the 4 minutes off). Otherwise, work your way up to five minutes of hard running, followed by five minutes of reset.

What does hard running really mean, though? In this case, ON means a hard effort with focus. You should be able to breath, and maintain the pace, but probably not hold a steady conversation. OFF, then, is conversational, relaxed, a time to get your heart rate down before the next set.


- 5 to 10 minutes of easy jogging

TRE FF Leg Strength with Magda

Leg Strengthening for Runners with Magdalena Lewy-Boulet

Magdalena Lewy-Boulet has unmatched leg strength. The pro ultrarunner has run everything from a 15:14 5K to a sub-20-hour 100 miler. So when she shares a leg-strengthening workout to make us faster, we listen.

Man holding an exercise band

Hip Strength and Balance with Coach Tim

Fleet Feet Pittsburgh's Director of Training Programs, Tim Lyman, walks us through a simple three-part hip strength and stability workout you can do three times per week (or more!).

The Couch Stretch with Kelley Starrett

Learn this Must-Do Stretch for Runners

Kelly Starrett, CrossFit instructor, personal trainer and author walks us through a must-do "couch stretch" for runners

man running with mask because of the pandemic

How to Run During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Despite all of the regulations and recommendations around social distancing, exercise remains an essential activity, no matter where you live. Here are our top tips for staying active (and safe!) during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mystery run Thumbnail

Sunday Funday MYSTERY RUN Workout

Join Ashley as she takes us on a "mystery run" workout that transforms a neighborhood block or short out-and-back running route into a fun adventure that gets your heart rate up and your legs burning.

Matt Fitzgerald book cover

Author Matt Fitzgerald Says Focus on The Now and More Practical Advice for Difficult Times

Matt Fitzgerald shares a chapter of his forthcoming book, Running The Dream, exclusively with the Together We Move community. This audio track is the perfect accompaniment to your Saturday mindful run. We hope you enjoy it.

A man wearing the men's Karhu Ikoni 2020 running shoes

Shoe Review: The Karhu Ikoni 2020

Karhu created the original Ikoni using data from more than 100,000 3D foot scans captured during Fleet Feet’s fit id™ outfitting process. Designers then took that data and created a one-of-a-kind running shoe.


Hill Repeats with YiOu Wang

Today's run with pro ultrarunner YiOu Wang will improve your running strength and speed.

Woman Explaining a workout

Ultimate At-Home Workout with The Running Channel

This home workout featuring coaches Anna and Andy from The Running Channel can be done anywhere, and no equipment is required. It focuses on strength building which in turn can help prevent common running injuries.


10-Minute Run Drill for Running Mechanics and Breathing

Learn to run taller, with more efficient mechanics and improved breathing during a follow-along 10-minute drill run with Coach Nate from The Run Experience.

woman doing yoga: Dancer Pose

Chest Opening Yoga for Runners: Upper Back Mobility

Follow along with Ashley as she leads us through an energizing yoga sequence for runners that helps us better our posture, increase our thoracic spine mobility (which helps our alignment and running form) and feel energized for the day.

Woman doing pushups

All In One: Strength and Tempo Run

Follow along with Coach Morgan as she takes us on a 15-minute tempo run with some strength exercises built right in.

man talking through a run

15-Minute Guided Awareness Run

Coach Nate from The Run Experience talks us through a 15-minute awareness run designed to help us tune in, de-stress and focus on the here and now.

FF TRE 10 minute core

10-Minute Core Workout

In this video, Ashley leads you through a 10-minute core workout that you can do at home. All you need is a comfortable surface and enough space to move.

The workout consists of core exercises designed to make you a stronger, more balanced runner. Let's go!

FF TRE hill repeat

Hill Repeats with Coach Nate

The Run Experience's Coach Nate takes us through 30-second hill repeats. If you don't have access to hills? No problem.

Woman doing lunges

12-Minute Low-Impact HIIT Workout

Follow along for a low-impact dynamic HIIT workout that targets the whole body and incorporates a bit of mobility, all while working your aerobic system. You need 12 minutes, and no extra gear (except for a watch or timer).


Free shipping on all shoes. Curbside pickup available at select Fleet Feet locations.

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