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A woman holds a Superfeet insole


The Comfort You Deserve

Superfeet Insoles

Shoe insoles don't have to be flat and floppy. Instead, the best shoe insoles should support your feet to enhance the way you move.

Superfeet creates its insoles to do just that.

There are three key components of a Superfeet insole: shape, support and foundation. And each component plays a role in giving you a pain-free stride.

  • Shape. Hold a Superfeet insole up next to the sock liner that came in your shoe, and you'll see the difference. The contoured silhouette cradles your heels and hugs your arches to provide relief.
  • Support. Shape doesn't mean anything if it falls flat under your weight. Superfeet Shape enhances the way your feet are intended to move by supporting your arch and heel to disperse impact and decrease the stress of walking or running on your body.
  • Foundation. Superfeet insoles provide an energizing foundation that helps reduce foot fatigue so your feet feel fresh all day long.

Superfeet Dynamic RUN

The Superfeet RUN family is designed with innovative materials and construction to fit and function specifically in running shoes.

The RUN family features a carbon fiber stabilizer cap for a supportive, responsive ride while the High Impact Technology pod in the heel helps to mitigate the pounding your body takes when you're on the move.

The DYNAMIC Run insole is the most adaptive Superfeet insole offering lightly structured support that adapts to the motion of your feet, creating an underfoot experience that is comfort-engineered for an easy ride.

Superfeet Blue

Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet began with GREEN.

Engineers crafted the original Superfeet insole more than 40 years ago to accommodate a wide range of needs. But Superfeet has been busy since the first model rolled off the production line.

The GREEN insole is still a Superfeet favorite —and for good reason. It's built with a deep heel cup to support and stabilize your foot as you roll through your step, and the high-volume design is great for people who like a supportive feel underfoot.

Superfeet ORANGE and BERRY also provides a present underfoot feel. Similar to GREEN, it has a high profile and volume with additional high-impact forefoot padding.

For people who prefer a more adaptive underfoot feel, the Superfeet BLUE and BLACK are ideal options with a lower profile and volume that fit a wide variety of footwear.

With premium comfort comes premium durability, too. Superfeet insoles are designed to last 12 months or 500 miles, whichever comes first.

A woman puts a Superfeet Everyday insoles into her shoe

Superfeet EASYFIT

Superfeet insoles aren't just for running. Their line of EASYFIT insoles brings comfort to your casual kicks, too.

EASYFIT ¾ insoles are designed to fit and function in dress and casual shoes and provide the same durable, pain-relieving support as full length Superfeet insoles.

From insoles designed for women's high heels to insoles for men's dress shoes, there's a Superfeet product that's right for you.

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