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Show Up

Fleet Feet | Winter Running 2020

Set an alarm. Make a playlist. Join a training group. Find new running shoes you love. Do whatever it takes to just Show Up—we promise it’ll be worth it. So, whether you’re just getting started or starting again, make the decision this year to show up, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Two people wearing warm running clothes go for a run through the city

Just showing up is sometimes the hardest part. But building a workout into your daily routine and finding motivational goals can help you stick with it.

Why Routines Matter

Shop Winter Running Clothes

Three people wearing warm running clothes and lights get ready for a run
Two women wearing headlamps run down a dark street during the winter

Daylight hours are in short supply this time of year, so you'll likely find yourself running in the dark. When the sun goes down (or has yet to come up), make sure you run with visibility in mind.

Run With Visibility In Mind

Shop Visibility and Winter Running Gear

A woman tightens a lighted running vest around her chest before a run
A woman wearing a warm running beanie, vest and running tights goes for a trail run

Staying warm during winter workouts is important to have a productive—and safe—run. As most of the country wades through winter's worst, knowing how to bundle up for running in the cold will help you make it through to spring.

Cold Weather Running Gear

Winter Running Essentials

Running in the winter presents unique challenges. From icy air to slick sidewalks to early sunsets, there are plenty of factors to consider when heading out the door. Here's what you need to run safely in the winter:

  • Warm running clothes. Not only are winter running clothes built thicker to keep the your body warm, but they are also ideal for layering. Layering your winter running clothes will keep you warmer (and more mobile) than one big jacket on its own.
  • Reflective running gear and lights. There's no way around it—you'll probably have to run in the dark. So you should think about safety. Clothes with reflective elements or lightweight running lights
  • Weatherproof running shoes. All running shoes give you good traction on dry pavement but few are designed for good grip on snow and ice. Look for shoes with waterproof uppers and outsoles crafted for inclement weather.
  • Post-Run Comfort. There's nothing like cooling down from a winter run like warming up on the couch. Slip into cozy sweatpants and a soft shirt for maximum post-run comfort on the couch.
A group of people wearing warm winter running clothes on a run together