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Maurten Hydrogel Fuel

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Maurten's endurance drink mix is a revelation in long-distance sports. While most sports drinks deliver high concentrations of carbs directly to your stomach, which can cause discomfort and throw you off your game, Maurten uses hydrogels.

The innovative use of hydrogel makes fueling like putting carbs and electrolytes on an expressway through your stomach en route to your intestines where all the nutrients can be absorbed. The effect is a bonk-breaking boost without taxing your tummy.

Harnessing Hydrogel

Hydrogels are a food industry staple. Maurten uses two natural ingredients to build the gel’s three-dimensional structure: alginate from brown algae, and pectin, which is commonly found in apples, carrots and tomatoes.

Like medicine in a capsule, the gel's structure stores big quantities of the nutrients your weary body needs and releases them at exactly the right place in your digestive system.

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A runner competes in a race

Who’s Using Maurten?

Beginning in 2016, elite athletes who fueled with Maurten stood on top of podiums at just about every major marathon around the world. Berlin, Tokyo, Chicago, New York City, London and Boston were all toppled by runners sipping hydrogel.

In 2017, Eliud Kipchoge downed the drink during his attempt to break the two-hour marathon barrier, scorching the course in 2:00:25.

Mo Farah drinks from a bottle of Maurten hydrogel