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Make It Count

Run Your Best Race

You showed up in the middle of winter, and you sweated through the summer heat. You trained your lungs and strengthened your legs.

Every step, every mile was for one purpose: to get you race ready.

It's time to put that training to work. It's time to make it count.

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A group of runners lines up at the start of a race
A woman wearing a tank top, shorts and women's running shoes runs in a race

Race Day Running Clothes

Your kit can make or break your race.

Running apparel is designed to move with you. Unlike boxy cotton T-shirts and baggy gym shorts, running clothes are made from technical, moisture-wicking fabric and cut for a streamlined fit so they stay out of your way.

A breezy tank will keep you cool during an early fall race, and a pair of snug running tights will warm your legs as temperatures drop.

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A woman runs a race wearing a Garmin watch and waist pack

Running Socks and Accessories

Reward yourself with the gear you need to run your best.

Finding the right Garmin GPS watch will help you stay on pace, and a low-profile running pack will give you all the cargo space you need to carry water, gels and extra calories.

Whatever you wear, make sure you test it out before the race—realizing your socks don't fit at mile 12 can ruin the rest of your run.

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Tips to Run Your Best Race

A runner hugs a family member after finishing a race

From big crowds and long lines to race-day nutrition and bathroom plans, running your first race can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be.

Knowing when to show up, where to go and how to find more information will ease you into the big day. Once you're settled, then you can manage your race-day jitters.

With the right knowledge and a race-day plan, you can toe the starting line with confidence and trust your training to get you through. Here's what you need to know.