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Karhu Running Shoes

Exclusively at Fleet Feet

A century of running meets over 40 years of Fit. Introducing Karhu, the Finnish running performance brand available only at Fleet Feet. Meaning “bear” in Finnish, Karhu and its "Flying Finn" athletes have a legacy of dominant running performances thanks to continued advancements in technology. The brand's patented Fulcrum technology uses a runner's natural energy to create a smoother ride and keep all forces moving forward.

Karhu Ikoni

The Karhu Ikoni is the future of running shoes.

Designed in collaboration with Fleet Feet, Karhu used the data from 100,000 three-dimensional foot scans to craft the Ikoni. The shoe combines Fleet Feet's fit id data with Karhu's legacy of craftsmanship to push running technology forward.

Fleet Feet testers ran hundreds of miles in the all-new training shoe, and all of them felt the same: The Ikoni works as well for new runners as it does for lifetime athletes.


Karhu Fusion

The Ortix is outfitted with Karhu's 3/4-length Fulcrum technology to give it the Maximum Rolling Effect that propels you on, and it has an ergonomic midsole that fits the natural shape of your foot.

By reducing the natural braking forces your body produces with each step, the Fusion Ortix will give you a smooth, comfortable ride from your first step to your last.

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