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Compression Socks and Apparel

Feel the Pressure

When your legs are spent from yesterday's speed workout or you're nursing an injury that just won't go away, you need some relief. Look to CEP.

CEP uses targeted compression to help you move better. The German company designs compression socks, sleeves, tights and clothing to enhance your performance and boost your recovery after a hard workout or injury.

CEP Compression Socks

A man and woman wearing CEP compression socks run together on a street

CEP designs its compression socks to do three things: increase oxygen to your muscles, improve circulation to the heart and speed up the removal of lactic acid. Those lead to better performance, endurance and recovery.

Plus, the anatomical fit reduces bagginess to prevent hot spots and blisters, and the fabric regulates temperature and moisture to keep you comfortable. With a range of lengths, colors and sizes, you can find the right CEP compression socks to fit your needs.

A man and woman run together while wearing CEP compression socks

Benefits of CEP Compression

CEP has been working for decades with sports medicine specialists and professional athletes to develop its array of products. Here's how compression helps you be a better athlete:

  • Recovery. Improved blood circulation and speedier lactate metabolism help refuel muscles with oxygen and nutrients
  • Stability. Compression helps stabilize tendons and ligaments and reduce muscle vibration
  • Awareness. Constant pressure makes you more aware of how your body moves
  • Blister prevention. Precise, anatomical fit acts like a second skin to ward off blisters and pressure points during activity
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CEP Ortho+ Knee Brace

CEP Ortho+ Knee Brace

The best-selling CEP Ortho+ Knee Brace is a slim-fitting brace that provides support for any mild knee injury.

Designed for targeted compression around the knee joint, the Ortho+ stabilizes the knee during activity while improving blood flow to speed up the recovery process. CEP says the high-quality materials used in the brace will maintain consistent compression for 150-200 wears.

CEP's anatomical design eliminates uncomfortable pinching behind the knee, and slip-resistant silicone inside the brace keeps it from moving around or bunching up.

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A woman running while wearing CEP compression socks