Let's Talk About Sports Bras

80% of Women are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

Measure Your Size

1. Determine your band size by measuring the smallest distance above your bust. For odd numbers, round down.

2. Measure around the fullest part of your bust.

3. Determine the difference between the two measurements. Use the chart below to match that number to the corresponding cup size.

We value that our customers are equipped with the right products that fit properly and support their activities. That is why we recommend getting fit by one of our specialists to ensure you're getting the right bra for you. Stop by your local store to meet with one of our highly trained fit professionals who will help you find the sports bra for your size and activities.


Measure Band

Measure Bust

Looking for a Sports Bra with Maximum Support?

Have you heard of Enell? Enell's bras are designed specifically for well-endowed women, providing the comfort and support you've been looking for! If you're a C-cup or above, check out Enell to learn more about the features, benefits and sizing guide.


Advice From Our Sports Bra Experts

"The correct sports bra is just as important as the right shoe. They are both a foundation that need proper support and should be re-evaluated periodically."

— Patsy, Bra Expert - West Hartford

"If you find a great sports bra, get it in every color! It's like finding the perfect jeans, you'll want more than one."

— Ellen, Owner & Bra Fit Extraordinaire - Rochester/Buffalo

"If you are replacing your shoes it's probably time to replace your sports bras. Sports bras wear out just like shoes, and if you aren't sacrificing comfort and support for your feet, you shouldn't sacrifice comfort and support for your chest."

— Amy, Bra Manager - Pittsburgh

Visit the Sports Bra Shop

We recommend a minimum of three bras: One to wear, one to wash, one to spare.

Get More Miles Out of Your Bra

We want you to get the most out of your gear. A quality sports bra typically lasts about one year, and we don't want you to have to replace your sports bra early. Here are a few care tips to help your bra go the distance.

1. Close the hook and eye, and any Velcro straps. Place in a lingerie bag.

2. Use detergent designed specifically for performance apparel, such as Sport Wash.

3. Avoid fabric softener which can leave residues and inhibits moisture-wicking properties.

4. Wash in cold water on a delicate cycle.

5. Hang dry.

Feeling really dedicated? Hand wash your sports bra.