It all started with a passion and a blog...

After a successful career for many years in the tech industry, Vic began Addaday out of passion. Upon hearing news that his grandfather was sick, Vic took time off to spend with him. During that time, he wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle and started running again. He started a blog called "Add a Day" writing about ways to add a day to your life.

With the impact on his body and high cost of massage therapy, he looked for an alternative form of recovery. Vic walked into Fleet Feet Sports Encino and was disappointed with the limited options for recovery products. With a background and culture that has been using self care sticks made out of bamboo for years, he developed and tested some of the products with Encino.

In 2013, Vic came to our annual conference in Huntington Beach and introduced his passion to the rest of our stores. Vic was willing to invest in us, driving across the country from California to North Carolina visiting our stores along the way. Within a year Addaday became the leader in the massage category for Fleet Feet Sports. Today Vic along with his wife Lyndsey and a small team in Santa Monica, California, continue to develop the leading massage and recovery tools. 



The Addaday Difference

Addaday's goal is simple: TO HELP YOU FEEL BETTER AND MOVE MORE

The products may improve the health and performance of athletes as well as individuals. Addadday rollers mimic the techniques used by therapists to speed recovery from sore muscles or injuries and increase circulation.

The tools are scientifically designed to incorporate varied surface textures and shapes that are specifically designed to break up adhesions in the fascia for better muscle and tendon function. Addaday tools are designed with the following features:

  • Gears knead like the human elbow
  • Encourages blood flow
  • Gap between gears for easy navigation
  • Pinpoint precision
  • Lightweight and easy to clean

Addaday may help to relieve injuries as well including Plantar Fasciitis, IT Band Syndrome, Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints, and Carpal Tunnel.


Addaday is a proud supporter of athletes on and off the road.

Kara Goucher is not only a two time Olympian, sub 2:25 marathoner but also a clean sport activist, and passionate mother living and training in Boulder, CO. Deena Kastor is an Olympic Bronze Medalist and currently the American Record Holder in the marathon (2:19:36). Both Kara and Deena know the importance of recovery for their training and everyday lives.

Kara Goucher

Deena Kastor

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