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Addaday Massage Tools

A runner uses an Addaday massage tool on her leg

Addaday massage tools are designed for runners to work the gnarliest knots and loosen the tightest muscles—so you can move better.

The massagers mimic techniques used by therapists to ease sore muscles, recover from injuries and encourage circulation. From sticks to foam rollers, Addaday's tools are specially designed to:

  • Use gears to knead like human elbows
  • Encourage blood flow through aching muscles
  • Navigate easily between body parts
  • Be precise so you can work hard-to-reach areas
  • Travel well and clean up easily

Addaday also designed its products with varied surface textures and shapes to break up adhesions in the fascia for improved muscle and tendon function.

Feel Better, Move More

How Addaday Began

After a successful career in the tech industry, Vic began Addaday out of passion. Upon hearing news that his grandfather was sick, Vic took time off work. During that time, he started running again and created a blog called "Add a Day" where he wrote about ways to add a day to your life.

With the impact of running on his body and the high cost of massage therapy, he looked for an alternative form of recovery. Vic walked into Fleet Feet Sports Encino and was disappointed with the limited options for recovery products. So he developed and tested his own with Fleet Feet.

In 2013, Vic introduced his passion to all of the Fleet Feet stores. Within a year, Addaday products were the top selling massagers in locations across the country.

Today Vic, along with his wife, Lyndsey, and a small team in Santa Monica, California, continue to develop the leading massage and recovery tools.

Addaday Top Sellers

The popular Addaday Pro Roller uses gears with three different densities to roll out your muscle: soft blue designed to knead, medium gray to reduce fatigue and firm red to pinpoint small areas.

Looking for one to throw in your backpack? Try the Addaday Marble Roller. With its three-marble design and one-handed operation, the massager is small enough to toss in your carry-on but powerful enough to work your neck, arms and legs.

Addaday Power Tools

Need some extra power? The new line of electronic massage tools from Addaday does all the hard work for you.

The Addaday Torch provides eight modes of vibration and four different speeds so you can dial in your massage. Plus, it comes with four interchangeable massage heads to give you the right relief.

Kick back in the Addaday Bliss for a powerful foot massage. The dual-motion massager inside the Bliss can be set to knead or rotate, so you can loosen up your feet, ankles, calves or arms with the push of a button.

With its powered series of massager, Addaday has a product that will ease whatever's ailing you.