Running Vests

Balancing your body temperature in the spring and fall can be challenging, but a running vest can give you the best of both worlds.

Unlike a puffy winter jacket, a running vest will keep your core warm but give your arms freedom to move. Find the perfect running vest from major brands, like New Balance, Nike, Brooks and more.

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Running Vest Insulation

A running vest uses insulation to warm your core, which in turn keeps the rest of your body warm.

Popular running vest insulation comes in a few different forms: down, synthetic and a mix of the two. But all insulations work by creating loft to trap warm air next to your body.

Duck or goose down is a natural running vest fill that insulates well, weighs next to nothing and packs down small. Synthetic fill creates loft like down but is engineered from manmade materials, like polyester; synthetic insulation is better at keeping you warm even if it gets wet, which is something natural down struggles to do.

Fleece is a type of synthetic insulation for running vests that also traps air between fibers, which helps keep you warm. Fleece running vests are great for crisp early morning runs in the fall.

Running Vest Details

A running vest doesn’t have sleeves, but many come with extra details that make them warmer or safer.

Since you would typically wear a running vest in colder weather when daylight hours are short, many popular vests for running include reflective details and neon colors. The reflective details pop when light hits them, so drivers, cyclists and other runners can see you better in low-light situations.

Many lightweight running vests also include pockets to stash your essential gear, full front zippers for easy on and off, and collar to seal out chilly air.

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