Unleash the power of maple syrup with UnTapped.

Maple syrup naturally has all of the energy to fuel your runs. It is low glycemic, which helps prevent sugar crashes, and it contains natural electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants. The formula is easy to digest, and it just tastes good.

Made with natural ingredients, UnTapped has an array of products to add maple syrup into your routine. Whether it is a waffle for breakfast before the run, maple syrup “gel” during a workout or one of their maple syrup flavored hydrating drinks, you will be embracing the natural nutrition with UnTapped.

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About UnTapped

UnTapped began with Professional cyclist Ted King and the Cochran family of professional alpine skiers. Being from Vermont, they discovered that maple syrup worked for their energy needs in training and competition. With an understanding of the critical elements required in sports nutrition and a love of maple syrup, UnTapped was founded in 2013.

In the simple process of making maple syrup, maple sap is boiled until there is at least 66% sugar content, which means that many nutritional benefits stay in the product and don’t need supplementation. Maple syrup is low glycemic. It contains all-natural carbs and gives you prolonged energy without a nasty sugar crash. Maple syrup is also water-soluble, which makes it easier to digest, quick to absorb and easier on the stomach.

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