Brooks Sports Bras

Brooks running and sports bras are designed specifically for running, so you get targeted support for the unique motions of the sport.

Years of research and development led to the new Brooks Dare Collection. The new collection of run bras pairs premium materials with meticulous design to deliver the right combination of confident support and outstanding comfort.

Smooth edges and seamless construction work with adjustable closures and an assortment of styles to create run-ready support for every runner.

Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks running shoes pack all the comfort and performance you need to chase PRs or just live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Brooks doesn’t make baseball cleats or basketball sneakers—they only make running shoes, so you can count on Brooks shoes to provide a premium running experience. Popular Brooks shoes include the Brooks Ghost and Brooks Adrenaline, which consistently deliver top-notch comfort and reliable rides.

Shop all women’s Brooks running shoes and men’s Brooks running shoes.

Supportive Comfort

Brooks sports bras deliver high-impact support for running.

Women's breasts don't just move up and down when they run; they also move in and out, in a figure-eight pattern and side to side. So a sports bra needs to control a variety of different motions.

Brooks designed its new run bras to do all of that and remain comfortable.

Brooks Running Apparel

Brooks running apparel is crafted for happy running.

Designers pore over the details to create running clothes and gear that help you reach your finish line. Technical, sweat-wicking fabrics keep you dry and comfortable when the weather heats up, and modern cuts stay out of the way and look good on the road and at the brewery for a post-run beer.

Some Brooks running clothes come with reflective detailing to keep you safe at night, and an assortment of styles and coverages mean every runner can find the perfect running kit.

Shop all women’s Brooks running apparel and men’s Brooks running apparel.