Men's Vuori Shorts

Men’s Vuori shorts combine performance, comfort and style to give you the ideal shorts for working hard and taking it easy.

Whether you are going for a run or wearing them all day, Vuori shorts are built to move. So if you’re looking for board shorts that double as running shorts or a pair that’s perfect for lounging, Vuori has you covered.

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About Vuori

Vuori makes premium performance apparel inspired by the active California lifestyle. They have a new perspective on performance apparel, giving it everyday style. Their mission is to create quality products for your pursuit of a happy life.

Vuori puts an emphasis on ethical manufacturing, ensuring that their factories provide safe and healthy working conditions and adhere to responsible environmental practices. They have a fivefold approach to sustainability: focused on the materials they work with, reduction of waste, offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint, social responsibility and community leadership.

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