Youth Running Shoes

Big or small, wearing high-quality running shoes can set your child up for success everywhere they go.

Find the most comfortable kids sneakers with plenty of style for play or sports. Fleet Feet offers a wide selection of sizes and fits to best support your child’s growing body.

The best part? Free shipping on orders over $99, and free returns on all orders if something doesn’t fit.

Finding Children's Running Shoes

Kids' feet take them everywhere, from playdates to sports to school, it’s important that your child’s shoes fit them properly and give them the support they need.

The best way to find the right shoes for your child is to have them fitted with our unique fit process (it’s not just for grown-ups!). The best rule of thumb: Make sure there is at least a thumb’s width of space between the tip of your kids’ toes and the front of the shoe.

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Even though your little one is growing fast, make sure you buy them the right size shoe for their foot. This means making sure your child can freely wiggle their toes in the shoe without any slipping or squishing.

Youth Size Conversions

Notice that your child is beginning to outgrow “little kid” sizes? No problem. US Youth sizing cleanly converts to US Women’s sizing, so your big boy or girl can explore more color options and styles in a shoe size that is comfortable for them.

US Youth Size

US Women’s Size

















Free Shipping and Returns

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