Women's Topo Athletic Stability Running Shoes

Topo Athletic shoes are designed to keep your run natural, innate and pure.

Topo lives at the intersection of natural and practical, combining modern comfort with performance. Their shoes all have roomy toe boxes, a secure midfoot and heel, and a low heel-to-toe drop. Made for women with flexible arches or who excessively pronate, these stability shoes will keep you running strong.

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About Topo Athletic

Tony Post fell in love with running over 40 years ago and has been in the shoe industry for decades learning all he could about footwear. In 2013, he founded Topo Athletics on the premise that he wanted runners to access the benefits of natural running while maintaining some of their favorite features found in traditional running shoes.

All Topo shoes have three distinct characteristics in them:

  1. Roomy toe box - A wider toe box helps toes align in their natural position and provides for better balance, stability and comfort.
  2. Secure midfoot and heel - so you can traverse uneven terrain or fly through corners, a secure midfoot and heel will make you feel nimble and agile.
  3. Low heel to toe drop - a lower heel to toe drop encourages a midfoot strike when running so you move naturally through the gait cycle.

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