Training Shoes

Like to mix up your running routine with cross-training and other sports?

Similar to running shoes, cross trainers and court shoes are specifically designed to excel at that activity. Pickleball and tennis shoes offer excellent grip and stability for quick movements on the court, while cross-trainers and CrossFit shoes give you versatility and optimal support for a variety of movements like jumping, sprinting and squatting.

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About Training Shoes

What are cross training shoes used for?

The best shoes for cross training are designed to be used during a variety of strength training and cross training workouts like weightlifting, HIIT classes, CrossFit and more. That’s why training shoes generally feature a lower heel-to-toe drop, a lower stack height and firmer, more responsive cushioning to give you better balance and ground feel during different exercise motions.

Mixing up your running routine with cross training workouts is an important part of any balanced training plan in order to prevent injuries, improve overall performance and reduce muscle weakness and imbalance.

Can you use running shoes for cross training?

It depends. If your running shoes feel laterally stable and fit securely, they might be a great all-around option for certain cross training activities. There are a few key differences between dedicated running shoes and cross training shoes, however.

While running shoes are designed for repetitive forward motion, training shoes tend to have more lateral stability, less cushioning and a lower heel-to-toe drop to give you better mobility and agility moving from side to side, and better balance during up and down motions like squats or lunges.

Especially when you’re lifting heavy, the squishy midsole that makes running shoes feel comfortable for running can feel unstable, so it’s best to opt for the firmer platform of a cross trainer.

About Tennis & Pickleball Shoes

What are court shoes used for?

Court shoes are made for playing sports like tennis or pickleball. They are specifically designed with lateral stability, support and grip to help you keep your balance and change directions quickly on tennis courts or gym floors.

Can you use tennis shoes for pickleball?

Yes, court shoes made for tennis can also be used for outdoor pickleball. However, pickleball-specific shoes may have an outsole designed for better grip on indoor gym floors and may not be durable enough to be used on outdoor tennis courts.

Can you use running shoes for tennis or pickleball?

No. While it may seem like you can get away with wearing your running shoes for your next match, there are a few key differences between running shoes and court shoes for tennis and pickleball.

Court shoes are designed to give you lateral stability and grip on outdoor courts or gym floors. Compared to running shoes, court shoes for pickleball or tennis typically have a firmer, more responsive midsole, a lower overall stack height, a stickier, more durable outsole and an upper designed to support your foot during lateral movements.

Running shoes are generally designed for softer landings and repetitive forward motion, and often do not have the lateral stability, support or grip required for quick, confident movements on the court.

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