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Stability running shoes are designed to help support you as you run, giving you a stable, even platform beneath your feet.

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What Are Stability Running Shoes?

Stability running shoes have long been prescribed to control overpronation—the natural inward roll of your foot as you land and transition to toe-off. But stability shoes don’t control your foot. Instead, they ensure you have a stable platform under your foot.

Many popular stability running shoes use a medial post to achieve the stable feel. The medial post is a firmer piece of foam or plastic situated on the instep of the shoe that keeps the shoe from compressing too much.

Without a post, runners who overpronate can wear out the medial side (instep) of the shoe before the lateral side (outside), which leads to an uneven shoe that slopes inward and creates an unstable platform.

Stability Running Shoe Technologies

Different brands achieve stability with different technology.

The medial post was (and still is) a common method to give running shoes extra stability, but new technologies give runners other options.

HOKA running shoes use J-Frame technology to provide stability, while Brooks running shoes employ GuideRails to gently guide your feet, knee and legs into proper position. Mizuno running shoes use a variation of the signature Wave Plate and Foam Wave to stay stable, and On running shoes make use of different shapes to provide a more stable ride.

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