Mizuno Running Shoes

Quality and performance meet in Mizuno running shoes. Mizuno designs its running shoes to meet the needs of first-time 5K runners and the demands of lifelong marathoners. Premium materials and outstanding engineering increase durability, and innovative technology promotes stability and speed depending on the model.

When you’re training for the next big race or just looking for a comfortable pair of running shoes for a few pleasant miles, you’ll find everything you need in Mizuno running shoes.

Mizuno Running Shoe Technology

Mizuno uses cutting-edge technology to coax maximum performance from its running shoes. From foam compositions to outsole rubber to upper material, each Mizuno shoe is optimized for your run.

  • Wave Plate. There are four types of Wave Plates in Mizuno shoes: Fan (stability), Double-Fan (max stability), Parallel (neutral) and Infinity (durability). Each one is specifically tailored to each shoe, so you get exactly the ride you’re looking for
  • U4ic foam. A lightweight midsole compound tuned for comfort
  • U4icX foam. An evolution of standard U4ic, U4icX is a higher rebound foam composition
  • XPOP. Made of PU foam, XPOP delivers maximum cushioning and high energy return
  • X10. A high-durability carbon rubber that increases traction and the overall life of the shoe
  • AirMesh. An engineered mesh upper designed for comfort and breathability

About Mizuno Running Shoes

The iconic Mizuno Runbird logo is as recognizable as any brand in the world. Tagging shoes since 1982, the swooping, graceful bird symbolizes speed—something it proved with a World Record 100-meter dash in 1991.

Today, the Runbird flashes its attitude above the popular Wave technology in Mizuno shoes, a staple in the running industry. The Wave technology in Mizuno running shoes takes different forms to achieve different characteristics:

  • Parallel Wave. Mizuno uses Parallel Wave technology in its neutral running shoes. The shape works with the natural movement of your foot to deliver a smooth ride, and its structure naturally disperses impact evenly throughout the midsole.
  • Fan Wave. Mizuno's Fan Wave creates support for overpronators. Used in Mizuno's stability shoes, the Fan Wave uses waves of different heights to guide and stabilize your foot.
  • Foam Wave. The newest iteration of Mizuno's Wave technology, the Foam Wave uses only foam to create different sensations. The shapes of the waves influence the ride, creating either a cushioned, neutral effect or a stability effect.

Mizuno has been outfitting athletes for more than 100 years, and with events like the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta and ProjectZero shoes aimed at ending breast cancer, it’s ready for 100 more.

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