Brooks Trail Shoes - Clearance

Go off-road in Brooks trail shoes.

Brooks’ motto is “run happy,” and since trail running helps relieve stress and make you happier, it only makes these that they make some of the best trail running shoes.

With the grip to help you run confidently and the cushion to make it comfortable, you will be heading out on trails more often thanks to Brooks trail shoes.

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About Brooks

Brooks believes that a run can change a day, a life and the world. Originally founded in 1914 this footwear company started making running shoes in 1972. Since 2001, Brooks has focused their efforts solely on running gear, so they are continuously trying to improve upon it.

Brooks engineers its gear in the lab, but brings it to life on the unique, real-world humans who will wear it. This is the result of tireless research with runners of every shape, strength, and experience. Their world-leading researchers are the best kind of nerds—they study running science so you can focus on the run without having to think about the meaning of biomechanics. Their goals are simple: Everyone who wants to run feels welcome to run, and everyone who runs has a place to do it. So Brooks makes great running apparel for elite athletes and those who are just starting out.

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