Buff Gaiters and Face Masks

BUFF® made the original multifunctional headwear, known for the many ways that you can wear it to keep cold, dust or sun from ruining your run. Use it to keep your neck warm during a run or as a face mask while picking up milk from the store. The uses for this tubular piece of fabric are almost endless.

About BUFF®

Founded in 1991, Joan Rojas sought to find a solution to keep his neck and head protected on cross-country motorcycle rides through the Pyrenees. With access to a family textile mill and his knowledge of tubular knitting, he crafted and tested what would become the first BUFF® Headwear product as he traveled.

BUFF® developed and introduced the seamless tubular headwear category. For 30 years, BUFF® has been driven by innovation and performance, making the BUFF® brand what it is today.

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